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Monday, May 28, 2012

No Pain No Gain??? OR

KNOW PAIN..... no gain!

I started my walking again after a long break.  I used to love going on 3 to 4 mile walks several years ago.  A couple of years ago I walked 2 1/2 miles with a friend each day, but our schedules changed and we no longer walk together.
We bought a treadmill and used it for a while, and then I hurt myself..... so I took a break.  Then Alli came, and I have used it very sparingly.

Now that we seem to be back to a normal routine, I feel like I can add my walking in once again.  But, I don't have the TIME for a 3 mile walk.  So I shortened it to a 1. 5 miles in the morning and 1. 5 miles in the evening.  I just want to tone up a bit and lose some of this "old lady gut" that seems to have developed over the last year.
I figured, Pilates, might be a nice added feature..... so I found THIS,
 at a GREAT BARGAIN, I might add!

Did I ask my Dr. if I should do this?  Why no! I did not! Why not?  Because I FIGURED he would say, "Sure go ahead and run your body into the ground until you can no longer move.  I'll see you on Tuesday." I figure I saved myself 80 bucks by skipping that first appointment, and heading for the second appointment. :)

The first day was fine.... the second day however something happened.  I can't tell if it is my hip or my lower back, but it HURTS!  That lady actually says "And now for the SPINE TWISTER or STRETCHER!"  I remember thinking to myself while trying to get into that position, "Can this be good for me?" 
The part of me that forgot I was almost 54 said, "Of course it is! She can do it and she isn't even breaking a sweat! "  The part of me that KNOWS I'm not only almost 54, but have a huge history with a bad back..... was saying, "Please, NO! Don't do this!" was simply ignored.

What I couldn't ignore was the all consuming pain.  So, my dear husband said, "You ran yourself into the ground! I can't believe you did that!" 
Thanks dear. I'm wounded enough already.
My girls were of no help.  They were offering to capture me on video camera and put it on America's Funniest Home Video...... "We'll make a fortune!" Uh, no thank you.  

So, to face some facts. I will never look like the Pilate girl.  Nor will I ever be able to twist my body into those unbelievable shapes and relax "one disk at a time......" My back has two chunks of disks thrown together; the upper part and the lower part.  The best I can do is heave myself down one disk section at a time. They said to do it with control. There was no control to it.  It was more like heaving a carcass onto the floor.  Even my breathing was wrong . I was breathing in when they said to breathe out, and out when they said to breathe in.....and I even tried to hold my breath to catch up.... that didn't really work...so I tried to breathe out extra long....that didn't work either.   Are they SURE this was a beginner's DVD????

I think I need some chocolate and a book while I convalesce..... :(   (and some ice, advil, and rest for who knows how long)


Michelle said...

I'm probabaly not supposed to be laughing, right? lol Seriously though, I hope you feel better. Feel free to mail that thing my way...I sure could stand to do something with this ever expanding body of mine ;)

Christie M said...

Michelle, Email me your address and I'll be happy to not have to stare at the Pilate lady. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you hurt your back... back pain sucks even if you did manage to be humourous about it :)

Feel free to ignore the following which constitutes my-two cents, you say?:) I'm not sure, but I think pilates, yoga (not the Bikram kind)can actually help with several kinds of back pain (cured my nagging years old spondilitis type ache), but it's important to do it with an instructor who can supervise and see that you're not making your body do something it shouldn't do. One wrong breath during a posture and ouch! is what happens :)

I hope your back recovers soon!

Muddled Muse said...

Those videos are really hit and miss. Some of them have great instructions - others are just hard to follow. I hope you feel better SOON!

Mamita J said...

I'm so sorry about your back, Christie. But, I must admit that I laughed whoe-heartedly at your story. You sound like me.

Christie M said...

I had a really good day today. Something still feels slightly not right (almost an itchy feeling) but I am much better! Thank the Lord!!!

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