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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Olivia Grace Minich

 Ya Ya and Olivia
 The Adorables:  Marcus, Ivy William, Charlie and Olivia

 A little tired of pictures. :)

Now, our video camera TURNED OFF right at the time he was going to baptize her! But I love how they do this.  It was very special. :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, unplanned vomit is always just around the corner with newborns! Have a nice week Chiara

Milena said...

The day of baptism is so special! They all look adorable.

But I just got curious. Would the gown be different for a boy? Here it's common to wear the same gown to all your children and just change the colour of the ribbons (but we preferred having green and yellow ribbons, being tired of pink and blue :-) ). Often the gown is even the one you had yourself. (Mine is crocheted and kind of warm, but excellent for pictures - no wrinkles!)

Audrey P said...

What an adorable baby and family!

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on infant baptism. For some reason it caught me by surprise that it is practiced by your family.

Christie M said...

Milana, I don't know the answer to that. :)

R and A, Infant Baptism is part of the Presbyterian Church. Our two youngest sons are both Presbyterian.

I don't have an issue with infant baptism as explained by the Presbyterian church as it is an entrance into the Covenant, and has nothing to do with Salvation.
Salvation is through Faith Alone in Christ Alone.

I have looked at this issue over the years and found scripture to support both infant and believer's baptism.

I see infant baptism as a recognition that Olivia is being raised in a Christian home and has all the grace and blessings because of that. When she grows up, she will come to faith at some point and Salvation will be through faith, not baptism.

We did not baptize our children, until they confessed faith.

the one scripture that I see is a strong scripture for Infant Baptism is in Acts when the Phillipian Jailer came to faith and Paul baptized him and his whole family. It didn't say that they all came to faith. Also, in the Abrahamic covenant, there was circumcision. Not only Abraham but his whole household of males and his male servants. They were a part of the covenant through circumcision.

Today, we are circumcised in our hearts in faith. A circumcision not made with hands but in the Spirit.

Our chuch is a Reformed Baptist Church and does not practice Infant Baptism. They practice beleiver's baptism.

I hope that clears things up. :)

Audrey P said...

Yes, it does... thank you for taking the time to answer my question. :)

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