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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Fever

We purchased a carpet cleaner so we could get the rent house ready. It did a really great job on the carpets at the rent house.  Now, I decided to do the carpets at THIS house. 

It may sound whiney, but I really do not like our carpets.  They needed to be replaced when we moved here over 10 years ago.... We never made a decision what to do with the bedrooms, so they have remained.  I have had them cleaned , but have never been  pleased with the results, the times we have had it done. AND it is COSTLY.
So here is the carpet cleaner. It looks like a vacuum cleaner from Mars. :)

 And here is our bathroom.  After I finished.   This carpet will never get perfectly clean, I will never understand light colored carpeting.   But that is just me.

When we can, we are going to get rid of this carpet and replace it with something wood.  For now..... we have carpet that is cleaner than it was yesterday; and for that I am truly thankful. :)


Annie said...

I was thinking "wood would be nicer".... Our carpets are just beyond dreadful; I wish I could borrow your carpet shampooer.

Unknown said...

Carpet in a bathroom? That is the silliest idea I've ever heard!

Wood, or as in Israel, tile would be a lot nicer.

Milena said...

Doesn't the carpet in the bathroom get really yucky? Like wet all the time and moldy? To me it just seems like the strangest, most irrational place for a carpet :-) I can understand that it can be cosy in bedrooms though! Here, carpet went out of fashion 30 years ago, and hasn't come back since.

Anonymous said...

I don't get carpet at all. It gets dirty very easily, and stays "almost clean" only with a lot of work. I purchased a rug ten years ago and spent my Sunday mornings cleaning it. I gave up and gave it away. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Christie M said...

Wow! Y'all are such an encouragement to get RID of ALL carpets! :)

In America, I would say MOST people have carpeting. I strongly dislike it!

We have to be very careful in the bathroom to keep it from getting wet.
What a SILLY place for carpet, but many houses DO have bathroom carpet.
Some even have kitchen carpet, and believe it or not, some HOSPITALS have carpeting.... That is just hard for me to fathom. :)

Nasir said...

I think wood is the better option for washroom.

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Unknown said...

Carpet Cleaning of bathroom is really difficult and its really tough to maintain their right condition in bathrooms.

Claire said...

I have just moved house and have beatuful polished wooden floorboards in my bedroom. Some of them have holes and need to be mended/replaced. It makes me realise how luxurious it is to have a fitted carpet. I'm having to be very careful not to loose things down the holes. My crochet rag rug feels so soft after the hard wooden floor.

Good luck with your carpet decisions.

Brain Ventris said...

I’m not surprised you prefer wood flooring. Carpets are a challenge to maintain, costly even. However, though wood floors create a homey atmosphere, carpets can make you feel warm walking over a soft surface. If you can keep liquid stains from your carpet, I think it wouldn’t be hard to keep it. ;] -->Brain Ventris

Christie M said...

Brian, I posted your ad because I felt that you really did read the post. :)

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