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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sarah is 13!

We had a really nice birthday yesterday with Sarah.  After the traditional present hunt, organized by Anna and Erika,
 we headed for the Lake with 7 girls!  

 All went well until the oil light on the van came on.  Being a mechanic's wife, I have learned that red means STOP!
I pulled right into another auto shoppe that suggested I could drive home another 5 miles. NOT! I know better than that.   I called Mike who was at a house painting, and he said, "Call a tow truck", DO NOT DRIVE. 
 While we were waiting for the tow truck we took silly pictures to pass the time. :)

 My friend showed up and took 6 of the girls back with her.
 Erika stayed with me . Here she is in the back seat of the tow truck.

The party resumed after daddy came home with the movie "Super Man", pizza and chocolate cake with strawberries. 

It was a really fun Sarah sort of day! :)


Dagbjört said...

Looks like a great day :) Happy birthday yesterday Sarah and happy birthday Erika :)

Anonymous said...

Girls are getting so big and beautiful! Happy Birthday Sarah!

Anonymous said...

You are one blessed Mama. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Kelly

Milena said...

Goodness, what a day :-) Filled with excitement of different kinds!

That photo, second from the bottom, where Sarah hugs you, made me cry. I still cry. So beautiful.

And I mustn't forget to wish Sarah a Happy Birthday!

Manfred said...

Happy Birthday Sarah

Annie said...

You are SO lucky to be married to a mechanic. My dad was a mechanical engineer and could do ANYTHING; my poor husband does not have that advantage.

Still, car problems are terrible. I'm glad you had a camera to entertain you!

I can't make a comment above because sometimes your page does not load right for me, but happy birthday to both girls! And that cheesecake looks marvelous!

Christie M said...

The Cheesecake is EASY.... and gluten free.... Sarah's chocolate cake is gluten free too.
But the Cheese Cake recipe is:

2 large eggs
4 packages of cream cheese
2 TSP vanilla extract
1/4 c cornstarch
3/4 cup of heavy whipping creme
1 2/3 cup of sugar

cream the cream cheese and a little sugar at a time. Until all mixed.
Add corn starch and mix well.
Add vanilla and eggs and blend well
Add heavy whipping cream and stir until just mixed (not too much but thoroughly blended)

Heat oven to 350º and put a pan of water on the bottom shelf.
Put any crust you like or NO crust in a spring form pan and pour cheesecake over it. Bake for 1 hour.
Let cool and then refrigerate at LEAST 8 hours or overnight.

For the crust, we didn't use anything this time, but often times I'll use gluten free cookies crushed up.
If you aren't gluten free, several graham crackers, mixed with a little melted butter and crushed turns out great.

I am SOOOO glad I am married to a mechanic. Would you believe we turned the boat off in the middle of the lake last night and let the kids swim. When we went to turn it back on, it wouldn't start!!!!!
He had a tool bag in the boat and got it started, but I was beginning to think it is a LONG way to shore with two boat oars and a bunch of kids. LOL

Annie said...

I think I'll try that recipe today! (If I can find the springform pan.) How can you go wrong with those ingredients?

That must have been an alarming moment out in the middle of the lake! Gosh you are lucky to have that opportunity to swim and boat. My boys would absolutely love that.

Christie M said...

Oh you will love it! Also, sometimes I add a little sour cream in place of the whipping creme. (Like 1/2 and 1/2) and it turns out really nice too. :)

If you can't find a spring form pan, just bake it in a regular cake pan. It will turn out. :)

If you want to be fancy....Melt some German's baking chocolate and take 1/4 of the batter and mix with the melted chocolate.... then swirl in on the top and it makes a marbled cheese cake. :)

Sarah The Dreamer said...

Thanks Mom!

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