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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Old House

We still own our first home that we ever purchased, much to our own surprise, and most likely, much to our own laziness in trying to sell it. 
We rented it out for several years and then decided to try and sell it once more, to no avail.  Then, the housing market came to a pretty good crash around here.  Homes with granite counter tops and wood floors were selling for  75-85 k.      Our house didn't have any of those. 
We refinanced it last year, as we still owe a small amount on it, but the interest rate was killing us.
The payment went WAY down to an acceptable level and we have been working on getting it ready to rent out again. 
After all these years, we are not selling.   It is FINALLY at a point where we will begin to recoup the investment we put into it. I hope. 
So today, we are headed to Join Mike and finishing up the last jobs to get it ready for inspection by the city.  Our renter will move in at the end of the month, and I will no longer have to face the utility bill and house payment each month for a home we do not live in.
I still like this little old house.  Mike and I married there, in the den.  It was the first home we ever owned.  It was a 1300 sq. ft. fixer upper when we bought it....in 1989.  We remodeled it together, though it remains a 1300 sq. ft. fixer upper. LOL   I still remember dad letting Chuck karate chop into the wall to start the remodel process. LOL
There was a sand box in the back yard and the boys used to line up G.I. Joes and play army.

A lot has changed since then.  4 boys tromped up and down those stairs and we all lived cozily there, until the boys were mostly grown.  Now the boys are all married and on their own, and 4 girls tromp up and down the stairs having no memory of the house, but asking loads of questions about what went on there, who roomed with whom, where did we put the Christmas tree.... how did we cook in such a small kitchen, etc. etc.


 I still need to clean the stairwell.

 I cleaned all the carpets over the last two days. They all had stains MUCH WORSE than this one.
And I am pleased that the carpets looks really nice.
 A view from upstairs into the back yard.

And the big question! "How come WE don't have stairs at OUR house???" LOL.... That is a good question! I miss the stairs too!
Hmmm. maybe we could start a remodel over here?  

HONEY???? :)


Annie said...

That kitchen couldn't be smaller than mine, so the answer is - "With great difficulty!" How amazing to have a big kitchen like yours!

Unknown said...

I'd gladly give our stairs to you. :D

Christie M said...

LOL Annie. That was about right. I LOVE our big kitchen now. :)

Hevel, I still like having stairs. :)
There is just something about it for some reason that feels cozy.

Anonymous said...

Now you made me curious... will you ever post a picture? 1300 sq. ft? Small? Boy that is huge for our standards!

Christie M said...

LOL... Chiara, I brought the camera yesterday, but was working so hard I forgot to take pictures. :)
I think 1300 sq feet is just fine for a family of 6.... and everybody we know would say, "How can you live in such a small house?"
The house we live in now is 1900 sq feet and people STILL say it is small for 6 people.
I prefer the 1300.... WAY easier to keep clean! :)

Milena said...

It is a lot easier to keep a small house clean - but on rainy summers it is a bit hard to entertain too many bored children in a space too small :-) I too think that 1300 sq ft would be perfect for six people, but it would be considered kind of small here too, where people usually have that space for four people. However, we currently live on 775 sq ft (with three children + a hosted child over the summer) - you can imagine what people say :-) It's so fun to see people enter our house, look around, and then see the puzzled look on their faces when they realize they've already seen it all!
I'm happy for you that your first house will now give you an income instead of costing you money!

Anonymous said...

Lord! Living down-town has is pro and cons... everything just around the corner. I used to go by foot to school and then to work, I still use my car only in the week end and to do grocery shopping, because the train station is just there if you go for a journey (Have I ever told you that gas costs a fortune?). But we live in very little houses, a big house for 3/4 people is made of two bedrooms a bathroom (almost none has a second bathroom, if you are lucky you have a lavatory) hallway (again if you are lucky) sitting room, kitchen, closet and a nice large balcony.
This is likely my own house in a condo. I live there with my mom and a ridiculously small kitchen.

Christie M said...

Things are so different here. We have no local public transportation, so to get anywhere you really need a car.
We drive 26 miles to the doctor 1 way.

The good news! We passed inspection today. The carpets are all clean and look really good.
Our tenant moves in on the 27th. :)

Anonymous said...

Inspection? Don't you tell me you must have some city council inspector visiting your home before you are allowed to rent it... Boy I feel I'm living in a third world uncivilized dirty country!

Zumi said...

I do enjoyed your post. It was really nice and your house looks simple yet looks full of love. My pleasure to visit your post. Thank you, keep sharing and God bless.

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