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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tim's Surgery Done

Well, phase one of Tim's surgery is done.  The first thing was to remove plates and pins from his surgery when he was  little boy, to ensure that they are not the real problem. They then injected his hip with cortisone.  Hopefully, HOPEFULLY this will help.  Dr. Sucato was very helpful in explaining why the hip is hurting today.  (Em's I'll tell you what he said later when we talk)  It made perfect sense, and is certainly related to Tim's Cerebral Palsy.

If the procedure this time does not work,  the next surgery will be a much longer recuperation time and much more involved. 
The doctor was very good, but the hospital was NOT Scottish Rite. I was not impressed.   I think we are spoiled at Texas Scottish Rite OR in reality, we aren't and THEY SHOULD be the standard. 
I have to say, if I were to get sick, I would not want to wind up at the hospital that handled Tim's post op. That said, we had a nice visit and Ilse even got to stay with us for the afternoon! :)

 She smiled and laughed all day long!
 Marcus came last night and we all had a really good time visiting.

Tim was feeling pretty good this a.m.  and ready to have breakfast.  The doctor came in right after this and said he could go home.  Walking will be a little difficult, but he'll be fine.


mommajeane said...

He does look great ! Glad it went well. We will pray that this does it for him. I love the pics of Ilse- She is precious.

Annie said...

I hope the best for him!

I'm curious about the difference between hospitals....

Christie M said...

Tim is too old for Texas Scottish Rite. Dr. Sucato is the head surgeon there, but operates on other people who are adults outside of the hospital at other hospitals.

He went to St Paul, near Parkland Hospital. To me it seemed dirty. The telephone in his room was an old push button that did not work. It was never fixed.
The staff was just ok.... One nurse in particular was really nice, but frankly, he didn't get a barf bucket, water, nothing...until we asked for it and it was desperately needed. It just seemed disjointed and disorganized. He had no help to the bathroom, and it took 2 hours for them to answer a call for meds.

Annie said...

Ah! I see. You should tell them what you think!

My dad was in a hospital once that similarly, seemed substandard in most ways....my chief memory was that, instead of tile, they had some sort of CARPET on the floors in the main hallways - and as anyone might imagine - things had been spilled on it, so there were stains all up and down the hall. It was nauseating.

Christie M said...

Annie, they had carpet in this hospital. It was rather gross.

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