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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Musings For The Day

I took all 4 girls shopping to look for clothes and I am just SURE the sun, moon and stars aligned themselves!  All 4 girls happily found 2 items to pick out in the same store!  WOW! That has NEVER happened.  To top it off, the prices were really great!

Today we were checking out at the local Walmart.  I had some odds and ends to pick up.  One of those items was colored Sharpie Markers.  I was in the self check out and it said, "approval needed".
I told the guy, that must be a mistake.  He said, "Oh no ma'am, you have to get approval for these!"
I asked ummm "Why?"  He said, because kids "sniff them".
 And then I proceeded to buy Nail polish with no problem at all!  I asked, "What about the nail polish?"  He said cheerily, "Don't say anything and maybe they won't notice!"  Whoever "they are." LOL
A kid can walk into any Walmart and by a gallon of BLEACH! No problem! :?

Did you know 4 teenage girls can out eat 4 teenage boys? 

My WORDS those girls can pack it away!  I'm starting to have that feeling I had a long time ago where I was competing for food. I did that when the guys were home and gained weight.  I need to remember that I will not have to compete for a plum or the last of the cereal forever. I think I need to pack myself a small lunch box of non perishables and put it under my bed like I did for them a long time ago.  :)  LOL

I talked to my Lilly Bean on the phone the other day.  She is such a sweet heart and laughs at all my jokes. "Oh Ya-Ya!"  :)

My mom is in the hospital.  She is doing well, but I think just got a bit dehydrated and had a bladder infection.  It is really important for older people to drink lots of water, especially on hot days. My mom forgets these things.  I believe she is going home today. 

Erika and I stopped in and visited for a while on the way home from Erika's Dr. Appt.  We talked for about 15 minutes and then the phone rang. It was my sister calling.  My mom said, "Guess Who's here!"  And then she said, "What is your name?"  I think she knew me, but forgot my name. :/
She asked me how old I was and then said, "Wow, I can't believe I have kids as old as you!" :)
She has 2 older than me!

I have been looking at this small flower bed by the back porch that has been in GREAT need of weeding and beautifying.  My back is bad enough at this point that I have no garden this year and could not plant flowers. :(   
So today when Alli and Sarah were looking for something to do, I suggested to them...."Would you two like your own little plot of land for a flower garden?  It will be ALL YOURS and you can decorate it with flowers and more.  You have to keep it weeded and looking beautiful.  You should have heard the squeals of delight!  Now, had I said, "Girls, can you go pull those weeds, I may would  have heard groans... 
I told them if they can be faithful with a flower garden, then maybe we can give them more for next year! 
Alli knows quite a bit about planting, as she must have planted food in Russia with her family.  She answered all Sarah's questions correctly.  So, I just turned them loose. :) 
So far, they have worked all day long staying busy on a fun summer project that I only WISH I could do once again. 
I guess I'll live vicariously through them. :)

School starts up again on August 15th.  I need to start cracking the books and getting lessons organized. I cannot believe Summer is almost over.  Wow! 

Tonight it is my turn to pick the movie.  I still haven't decided,
 which is driving Sarah's curiosity crazy. :)
Happy Friday Everybody!


NancyB said...

Christie - Sorry about your Mom -
I hope she feels better soon.
Just so you know, confusion can be
one of the sypmptoms of a bladder
infection in an older person.

That's a neat way to get Ali & Sarah involved in gardening -
I may have to try that! :-) They did a great job.


Christie M said...

I Picked "Ballet Shoes". We are watching it to go to sleep because the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics took over. :)

Annie said...

I can't believe MY mom has kids as old as me, either! I hope your mom feels better soon.

Wish I had someone to plant for me. The boys used to be into it, but no more. :(

Joy said...

Their garden looks great and I love the idea with the rocks. But I can't believe Sarah is wearing jeans, outside, in July TX!! :~)

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