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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh What A Tangled Web

   I feel like  Mrs. Smith.  All we did was enter a simple adoption, that happened to be a previous International Adoption from Russia, x' s TWO....
That means she was disrupted twice.

All we did was say yes to a not so simple, yet it was a simple, private adoption. We signed papers, waited the proper time for ICPC and all the requirements for United States Adoptions.  We followed the rules carefully.  We were granted the adoption and received the adoption decree and finally the birth certificate.  We agreed to do post placement reports to the Russian authorities and to register her with the Consular's office in Houston, once the birth certificate was received. 

We did ALL that.... but wait, while we have been parenting and bonding and in the trenches of helping our little girl heal from all her past trauma, there has been a back and forth thing going on with the consular's office saying we have to readopt in Russia.  Then the agency says, we don't.   Then the consular's office says we do.  Then the agency asks Moscow, and Moscow says we don't. Then the consular's office asks Moscow and Moscow says we do......

I'm feeling a bit like an international special agent on a mission.  I am not even going to give a HINT of this to Miss Alli, as she was TERRIFIED at the thought of having to go to Houston. 

I THINK I know what is happening.  That "treaty" that was signed between the U.S. and Russia is what is happening.  Even though our adoption was BEFORE the treaty was signed, they are wanting to make it retroactive.  This is a first for everybody here. The agency has never dealt with this, the consular's office has not and well, we have not.   I am thankful for a very kind consular officer to be working with.  He is really trying to do things right.

I can look at this two ways. 
1. As an adventure
2. As a real pain.....

In a way, it is both.  I have done all the extra paperwork we were never told about, which does NOT include post placement reports we WERE told about and have complied with,  and  now, we are  waiting on further instruction.  One thing I DO KNOW, we are NOT going to Russia.  I have never been there and we cannot afford to go. Period.  Frankly, I am fearful to go there.   What if they tried to make an example out of us?  And we're the ones who have made the adoption work!  (Think of the family in Ghana right now)
What if they try to say Alli is Russian and try to keep her?  This is one reason we don't want to take her to the Consular's office. 
Yes, those are REAL fears.  So, we will see how this plays out.  I know that in all things, God has a plan, and it will work out for our good.

One thing for sure: I'm getting really good at paperwork.

The latest is we will not have to GO to Russia. The paper work will be sent there and they will issue a new adoption decree and birth certificate with our names on it and her new name.
I don't mind this, but I don't understand why ALL the extra paperwork.

(As a follow up on this) 
I have YET to find a copy of the written treaty anywhere on the internet.  I have been to USCIS, the State Department, and google looking at countless articles, and only find disucssion ABOUT it, but not what is  really IN it.
Some MAJOR concerns..... Since when would the U.S. agree to let Russian Authorities into a private home??
Since when  are the agencies supposed to follow children until they are 18?
Since when is it retroactive?
One article says it is, another says it isn't.
Since when, can a person be tried for a crime here, and then tried again in another country? This is actually supposedly in the document.  Isn't that double jeopardy? Aren't there laws that protect a person from double jeopardy?

Now, I realize none of that really effects us.... except the retroactive part.  But frankly, who is to say, that somebody from Russia wouldn't just come and knock on our door and ask to come in and interview us and check us out? 
Some may give the ole', "Well if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't mind." 
I DISAGREE wholeheartedly.  We have nothing to hide, but we should not have to prove that we have nothing to hide.  In this country you are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, not the opposite, and I cherish that right.  That RIGHT is something our forefathers fought and DIED for!

I refuse to be "suspect' until I prove that I am not.

As with the health care bill, I question if those who passed this even bothered to READ it!

Sorry, but there are over 50-75,000 former Russian Orphans in the U.S. depending upon the article you read.  The percentage of those who have been abused is VERY small.  There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in Russia today.
The chances of those children having a successful life is LESS than 10%... Given those odds, maybe the Russians need to take an introspective look at themselves and stop staring over the pond.
Maybe it is too painful to take the PLANK out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother's eye. :/

(I did find a copy of the treaty! Jim, a friend from FRUA sent it to me!  You can down load it here if you like. (It will say something weird, but will go to a download and then you can read it. )
After reading this, I am pretty ticked off at Hillary Clinton and everybody else who insisted it be passed without READING IT!
 Our national sovereignty is gone.

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