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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Things That Are Happening Now

There is a lot going on over here. 
Sarah cannot wear her leg right now. She goes to the Dr. tomorrow.  Poor baby is on crutches, and is having pain.  Too much activity can lead to lower limb tissue damage.   Hopefully it won't take too long to heal. This has happened before. :)
Alli is being a very caring sister for her. :)

 Sarah was upset about not being able to wear her leg.  :(  Alli was trying to encourage her. Love my girls. :)

Sadly, my  little brother is in the hospital about an hour away from here in ICU.  He has pneumonia and another unknown issue at this time.  I am hoping we will find out more information tomorrow.
Right now, he is on a ventilator and in an induced coma.  His condition is critical, but stable.
Whatever that means. :(   I am shocked by this news.  It was even more shocking to find it out on FACEBOOK!   Not quite used to that.

Once AGAIN, we are back on the paperwork trail for registering Alli with the embassy.
It has been an interesting on again, off again thing.  The agency told me 2 weeks ago, to not send anything in.  This week they say to send everything in.   Good grief!

We are getting a lease house ready for new tenants. It is a HUGE job! We went back in today to work and the A/C stopped working. :/  More money, more time.  The house has to be ready by Friday!

Erika still does not have her new legs. Not even sure what is going on there. :(

This is my last month to teach K-2 Sunday School.  I will be joining Mike with the Jr. High class soon..  I like tag teaching but will miss the little ones. :)

I will be teaching VBS this month.

We are also going to be covering Chapter 4 and 5 this month of The Connected Child for our support group.

I am no closer to finishing our Taxes than I was on April 15. UGH

Anna is volunteering at the Lirbary 2 days a week for 2 hours each time.  One the way, we stopped to look for much needed shoes. We found TWO PAIR that fit, and that she LIKED! Nothing short of a small miracle!

Life is rich and full and good and sad and I rest in the arms of my Heavenly Father that He knows all things and is in control of all things, even air conditioners, legs, brothers,  support groups and taxes!  Thank goodness!


Goosegirl said...

Oh Christie, your plate is so full right now. I will pray for you all. I so wish I could be in your Connected Child group. We have a book club group on Facebook and I am grateful. That book has helped me so much over the years.
I will pray that the Lord provides you grace and mercy and healing for your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for Sara and very sorry for your brother too, we went thru the same experience early this year with my auntie, on friday she went to the gym, feeling just fine, on saturday evening (NOT JOKING) she was put in coma and on a ventilator, scary, really scary, but if I can cheer you up this seems the way preumonia works, we heard a lot of similar stories in the ICU. After 6 week (auntie's pneumonia was really bad) she was back on track just shiny and new.

Annie said...

I wish I could be in your group, too.... Soooooo lonely here.

That is the sweetest photo of Ali being comforting....and (BTW) she has gorgeous hair.

I can't think what it was, but I got some important news on FB, too.... it IS odd...last Fall we celebrated Mass as a staff at a retreat center and the priest had the Sacramentary on his i-pad - that was another one of those technological firsts you are not sure you appreciate all that much.

Jen said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope your brother is all right and that Sarah finds some relief from her pain.

Christie M said...

Chiara, those are comforting words! Thankyou.
Thank you all!

An update on Sarah..... She has to stay out of her leg a few more days, but they casted her today to start a new leg. She has grown so much!

Erika has new legs today and will wear them for the next two weeks to make sure everything is ok.
And then full time! Yea!

Annie, I like using facebook for things, but just not emergency type stuff.... unless at least it is a private message! :)

Christie M said...

Annie, it is interesting that all of the girls hair is almost the same color! :) Alli was very worried about Sarah and has stayed by her side!
She has a very tender, caring side to her.

Joy said...

I'm praying for Sarah and your brother! Sarah and Alli are so sweet together. I hope Sarah's dr visit goes well. I would love to volunteer at the library like Anna! :) And all of your girls' hair is beautiful! Especially in Alli's picture on the right sidebar.

Milena said...

Wow, that's indeed a lot.... I hope this too shall pass soon and your life will be more busy with fun stuff than sad stuff!

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