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Monday, August 20, 2012

Alli's Volcanic Eruption!

Alli is a hands on sorta girl.  She really enjoys arts and crafts and any kind of science experiment.  We are not studying volcanoes right now, but instead nutrition.   So, since we really don't have much to "create" with nutrition, other than lunch..... Volcanoes were the project of the day. :)

I don't think Puppy appreciated being kept in her crate.... She wanted some volcano time! :)

On a side note..... Bella went boating and enjoyed the water!
Bella and her Four Little Women. :)


C said...

Looks like fun! We just finished a.science.based unit and school, and one of the tricks I learnt.with volcanoes, is if you add a bit if water and a tiny amount of liquid dish soap.
From memory, the recipe we used was:
3 tsp. water
3 tsp baking soda (then stir those together)
stir in around 3/4 of a tsp of dish soap
add a drop or two of food colouring... a mix of red and yellow only swirled in creates an awesome lava.effect

then once.that mix is ready in your volcano measure out 3 tsp of vinegar into a jug and pour that in.

The dish soap slows the reaction down so that it fizzes and foams... creates much more realistic lava!!!

Unknown said...

So my mother has been talking about your blog forever and she finally sent me a link. We are really struggling with our 8 year old son who we brought home from Russia 8 months ago. Struggling with sensory, with his developmental delays (he's very much a 2 year old still) and just getting him to treat his siblings (our bio kids) with love and respect.
So "hello and it's nice to meet you!" from another adoptive mama who totally gets where you're coming from.
You can read about our adoptive headaches and meet my little Max on our blog - http://dontletlifepassyouby.blogspot.com/
keep in touch,

Christie M said...

:) Well Hello! And nice to meet you!

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