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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Erika: Most Wanted!

Ummm... YES! My precious girl!   She went out on a "Daddy Daughter Date".... and after dinner they went to a local park and he let her take the wheel to begin the process of learning how to drive! 
Apparently, somebody saw our van driving slowly in the parking lot and called the police, reporting a "suspicious van".   LOL.... It is good to know people are watching!

The officer was VERY NICE and talked to Erika and daddy.  :)
"Driver's license?"  She said, "You'll have to ask him!"  :)

  He left them to continue their date in peace. :)

I'm glad that this time around, Daddy is doing the driver's ed.  I already did my service in that area with the guys. :)

The good news is, daddy thinks that Erika will not need any modifications on a vehicle to drive.
She sure was excited about the events of the night when they came home! :) 


Holly said...

Oh my gosh! How funny! I would have been so embarrassed, but yes, you're right that it's good to know there are people who will report "suspicious drivers" if they see them. :)

Annie said...

Sheesh! Those people don't have the brains they were born with. WHENEVER we see a vehicle driving around an empty parking lot, we KNOW what's going on. Maybe they never had kids!

(But how did they learn to drive themselves?)

Christie M said...

I think people forget. I'm just glad the officer was nice. :)

mom2themoose said...

A good friend of mine had the police called in her for suspicion of drunk driving. It was the day she had gotten her permit and she was driving so slowly and erratically down back roads, these poor people panicked and called. She and her mother Werner so embarrassed when the police pulled in behind them into their driveway! It's a great story now though!

JJ said...

Book her, Danno! Lol!

Manfred said...

"Driver's license?" She said, "You'll have to ask him!" lol.
Realy good answer :)
Here in Germany only Driving School have the permission to do that, and Mike would get a penalty for let Erika drive.
its nice to hear that she can drive a car without any modifications.
Wish you a Nice Weekend.

Christie M said...

Manfred, we have those laws here too. But parents do teach kids to drive. Technically she should have a permit and be 15. In Texas, things are a little looser and as long as they are not on the streets with other drivers, it is not a big deal. The police officer was very nice and talked to them for awhile and then said, "Enjoy learning how to drive."

We are planning for her to get a permit at 15, but we typically don't let our kids get an actual license until 18. We had one get one at 17.
I think 16 is just too young. Statistics show there are WAY more accidents among 16 year olds, and I don't necessarily think it is because they are new drivers. I think they are just not mature enough....I know many people give kids cars and they are off and driving.... I just can't do that.
Old Fogie that I am. :)

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