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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yes I do!  
We are starting school on August 15th!  Everybody is excited and everybody is concerned.  I have had 2 girls ask if we can delay MATH. :) 
I am excited about GEOGRAPHY and HISTORY.  I am also excited about FINANCE.
We are going to be studying Finance with the help of Larry Burkett.   He wrote a book for kids between 11 and 14. 
I took Miss Alli to open her savings account today.  She was SO PROUD of having a savings account.  I told her, "This is the last thing we have had to accomplish to make you a FULL MINICH!"  She was beaming. :)
I am thrilled that there is a book that reaches out to our girls regarding how to save and plan for the FUTURE!

So, I think tomorrow's math will be filling in bank books. (That is a surprise because they are expecting Algebra!)  On Monday of NEXT week, Algebra resumes. :)

Another surprise is a documentary on Thomas Jefferson. I have been previewing it all week and I think they are going to REALLY like it!

2 of our girlies are "go with the flow".... The other two, which I call my "book ends" are much more stressed when it comes to change.   They are excited and reserved...... I am praying that tomorrow will go well for them.

Today, we had a fun time at a Pizza Parlor with good friends to celebrate "Back to School"....

So when are you all starting school and what subjects are you excited about? :)


Anonymous said...

How exiting! Funny, because I am just FINISHING my 9th grade year... I take off Sept. - Dec. and resume in January, although all of Sept. I will be doing a crash course on Alg. 1 to make sure I know all of it before I start Algebra 2. Have fun with schooling!!!

:)De said...

We stagger our starts to give each student time to adjust. This year my 9th grader is excited to study driver's education!

Wishing you all a fantastic school year!

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