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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lessons and Blessings

I am sure glad the girls have savings accounts.  They don't have a lot, but they have them.  

Sarah learned a lesson about responsibility and not getting too goofy with other people's things!

Apparently a few Sundays ago,  Sarah picked up Erika's purse to smack one of the Jr. High boys who took her flip flop..... Hmm. 
That Smack caused Erika's electronic bible to break.
  It was in the outside pocket and took a direct smack.  Now as far as I know, this boy was fine and we have talked about not smacking ANYBODY.... even if it is in fun.

The other part of that lesson however is about being responsible when you break somebody else's property.  Erika should NOT have to go without her electronic bible she took such good care of.
So we told Sarah that she would have to pay for it.  Erika was actually willing to let it go, but we were not.  Responsibility is a lesson that really needs to be learned and we felt that if it was let go, it might happen again.
Sarah graciously agreed to pay the price of the bible.

 Erika and I went bible hunting and she was blessed with a NEW and IMPROVED electronic bible.
It was way nicer than the one she had, and because the store was phasing it out, she got 100 dollars off!!  She payed an amount combined with Sarah's amount and found a wonderful electronic bible that also holds music, video, a calendar, notes and a lot LOT more!
And then Erika gave Sarah her broken Bible to play with.  It works a little if you can get past the large purple blob on the screen. :)
 And All is Well.


JJ said...

Good call, Mom. SO happy that Erika found something even better! :)

Annie said...

A few things come to mind - one is Electronic Bible?! What the heck is that? I guess Catholics are really behind the times. We thought we were being wild and crazy using biblegateway.com! Otherwise, it is good old-fashioned paper Bibles for us!

Secondly, though the incident probably asks for the parental disapproving look and comment, I like to hear that the girls are fooling around and fitting in with their peers. Actually sounds like pretty "appropriate" interaction for that age group. When you have a child who is unable to have those kinds of normal interactions with peers, you really come to see it as something lovely.

Designs by DD said...

Hope she enjoys her new Bible. I use a 7" tablet computer with olive tree on it.

Christie M said...

Annie, you are so funny. :) Yes, many people us apps from Ipods or tablets or even I phones. I still have the old fashioned kind. :)

One cool thing about Erikas is that she can use it as an MP3 player and listen to scripture as she goes to sleep. :)

And yes! I know Sarah's behavior was typical Jr. High.... and I thought the same thing.... she is interacting and being very normal.... So I had to interact and be normal too. LOL

She wanted to make sure everybody knows that she wasn't flirting or chasing boys.... she really did want her flip flop back. :)

travcat said...

Awww, such sweet sisters! Love the comment about how it "works", sort of!

Unknown said...

Annie, a few weeks ago Christina at the Recovered Catholic posted about an awesome Catholic app, available both for iOverpriced and Android devices. It has Bible translations and many more. I think you'd love it! I'll find the link for you.

Christine, I think you handled it beautifully! And so did Erika with giving Sarah the Bible that broke.

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