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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Requirements For Those Who Adopt From Disrution From Russia

Well, we were the very FIRST of our kind.... Yes... it is true. :)
The Treaty that was signed last year has gone into effect, and those who come after us, adopting children from Russia that are already in the U.S. will be required to fulfill a few more requriements:

We adopted Alli in America 17 months ago, but the NEW TREATY is RETROACTIVE....
When we tried to register Alli with the Consular's Office in Houston, it was WAY different than when we registered Sarah with Ukraine.... Because of all the changes.... we were caught in the middle of change.

So here is what we had to submit:

1. American adoption decree Original, notarized and apostilled... translated into Russian
2. Amerian Birth Certificate Original, notarized and apostilled.... translated into Russian'
3. Marriage Certificate, notariazed and apostilled... translated into Russian
4.Passports for BOTH PARENTS... notarized and apostilled, translated into Russian
5.Copy of ORIGINAL adoption decree from FIRST family
6. Copy of ORIGINAL birth certificate from FIRST Family
7. Copy of birth certificate BEFORE adoption by first family
8. Passport and 6 NEW passport photos
9.  Application for New Adoption Decree
10. Application for New Birth Certificate
11. Application for New Passport.

Numbers 9-11 must be filled out in Russian. If you do not have a friend to help, or if you do not know Russian, the consular's office will help.

The Translations do not need to be notariazed or apostilled.  That will be done in the Embassy.
We did both , and had more copies just in case.....

The cost was 175.00 and had to be in a money order or cashier's check made out to the Consular General of the Russian Federation.

All of these documents are kept, so if you only have 1, make sure to get more than one original when collecting documents.

We were told that this was the very first time they have processed a registration from a disruption, so it was a learning experience for everybody.  One document we did not have and could not get was the original birth certificate from the first adoptive family.  After several hours of trying to locate one, the Mr. Stanislov  filed for a lost birth certificate.
He said it will take a few months to have a new one issued and it will be sent to him.  He will call when they get it, and then we can get the new Russian Birth Certificate with our names on it and Alli's new name on it.
He issued the adoption decree right there.  Had we had the birth certificate, he would have issued that right there too as well as a new passport.  
Since we didn't have it, we will have to make one more trip to get the other documents.

I am simply happy to have all of this behind us.  Almost. :)

So, for anybody who has adopted a Russian Child through Disruption, I would be prepared for them to be looking to see where your child is and to have them registered. And I would encourage any agency handling an adoption to request original documents for your own records so that you have them on hand in case of a disruption.
They may never find you and reach you, or on the other hand, they just might.  According to the new treaty, which I have read, and the amendment DID DECLARE retroactive, all children have to be registered and new paperwork generated.
We didn't have to qualify or prove anything, it was more of just a transfer of paperwork to keep everything in order and up do date.

This is a huge relief and burden off of us now.  I hope things go smoothly for others.


:)De said...

How do you guaranty that the first family has their original paperwork? And what if they don't or won't share it with you?

Anonymous said...

I am personally really glad to hear this. I was worried for you about this mess. Glad it is over, minus the birth cert.

I think you need to go celebrate with Alli! Blessings, Kelly

Christie M said...

De, that is a good question, and I'm going to amend my post to reflect it.

We did not get cooperation, so I would say ANYBODY from now on who is in the process of disruption now, needs to understand that these documents are NEEDED. The disrupting family MUST GIVE ALL documents to the new family.... all original and keep copies for themselves. The family who is adopting needs to make sure they get them during the transfer.
IF there is no cooperation, then when you go to register, you can have them file for a lost document. It just takes a while. Be sure they give you a copy when it arrives. The document will be sent directly to them, not you. And then, they will issue the new birth certificate and you can apply for a new passport. It can be done on the same day as long as the child is under 14.

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