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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


AND....... I am going to tweak a few things and make some changes.
One of the benefits of home education is that you can tweak your studies and tailor them to the specific needs of your children.  I have been fighting change because I really DO NOT like to waste money..... 
Translated:  I purchased a curriculum that I thought would be great and it ISN'T! :/ 
It might be great for some and it is working for one of my children, but not for the other three!
Soooo, we are returning to old faithful "Rod and Staff".    I don't know what I was thinking, making a change..... I have been using it since 1994!  It has ALWAYS been "right".  I just thought a change would be good!  WRONG! 
I'm glad it is the beginning of the school year and that we are making this change now.  There is no sense trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  So, I faced the music and it is done.  If anybody is interested in Saxon Hakes Grammar and Writing book 7 and book 5, with Writing assignments and correction books, let me know. I have it for sale.
Until I made my decision, I felt like pulling my hair out. I was struggling with change.... and the drama of something that does not work!  So I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

EVERYTHING ELSE is going GREAT!   We are REALLY enjoying History and Geography.  In our history, we are learning about specific people, one being Michelangelo.  One of the assignments was to tape paper under a table, and lay on the floor and paint the painting up under the table......My guess is to see just how hard it is to paint a ceiling!  LOL  
Over the last couple of days I have walked through the kitchen to find our girls in a most interesting painting posture! :)
Sarah was smart and used pillows! LOL

We are all enjoying learning about finances too!  Our studies today about savings being savings accounts and not "spending accounts" led to some questions about how to save for short term vs. long term and how long it will take to save for some things.  This opened a dialogue about how to "buy money" when you are too young to be employed.   There were some really great ideas floating around.
I think I have a few pedicures and foot rubs in my future. :)
OVERALL, I think we have had a really great 2 weeks.   There is MUCH to learn and we are ready to learn it!

I have a question:
Do you give your children an allowance?  We do, but it is not based upon chores. It is a gift. We do chores because that is what families do....  I am wondering, if you DO give allowance, how much do you give and how often?  Right now, we give 5 dollars a week. Please feel free to comment. :)


Milena said...

Yes, we give our children an allowance. We tried for a while to base it on chores and behaviour, but it was a disaster. Now it is a gift, albeit a small one since our finances are tight. Our children are younger than yours and they get something like 3 dollars a week. However, one child has still managed to save almost 100 dollars!

Allison said...

It's $5.00/week at our house, too. We have chores, but the connection between the chores and allowance is relatively weak. The chores simply have to be done.

Annie said...

That whole allowance thing is a tough one. I've done it all ways! I've read that you just GIVE an allowance to teach kids money management and to simplify your own finances; they have no excuse to ask for money for this or that. However, I've heard others say that to teach children money-management (and that money is earned) they should earn it through the various chores they do around the house. Parents have a responsibility to do the work that keeps the family afloat and they either get paid for it (as in a salary or wages) or they are doing work at home which would otherwise require expenditure (such as cooking, laundry, yardwork, etc.)

Then there is the theory that by virtue of being part of the family chores should be expected.

I guess I have come to the conclusion that a) some "chores" such as cleaning up after yourself, making beds, putting your own clothes away, etc. are expected. Usually, I give the kids allowance for doing other chores, which I assign [at this time in our lives] on a daily basis.

At other times, the kids have each been assigned a "responsibility" such as garbage/kitchen help/or keeping a certain room tidy and clean.

Hate to admit that I really like having the allowance to "hang over their head" to get the chores done. I can see it is a motivator. Over and above that I sometimes pay for "big" jobs - i.e. Sergei is scraping and painting the window frames.

I never tried Saxon English, but I LOVED Saxon Math.

JJ said...

Ah, Saxon. You either love it or hate it.

:)De said...

My children "earn" pay monthly. It is based on contributing to the household.

At the beginning of the year we write out a budget for each child. This includes how much they earn for the month, how much they will tithe, save and carry in their wallets for spending. While sitting with them, they fill out their church envelope right then and give me back in cash their amount for savings. I transfer that from my account to their account on-line and print a receipt. We talk about any planned purchases and if they have a bill to pay, they pay it then. If something is misused and/or destroyed, they may have to replace that item (for example, 1 little boy was throwing clothes up to his ceiling and broke the chandelier...he had to replace it from his pay.)

Budgeting and living on a budget is a big deal for me. So when they want to purchase, I often refer to their budget.

The amounts of pay vary by age and job level. It ranges from $2 - $21 per month.

Unknown said...

We also do non-chores dependent allowance to the kids. We also pay for certain chores that we normally pay an outside service provider for, like washing and waxing the car, pool maintenance and certain gardening related activities. We do not pay our kids for baby sitting. :)

Currently they get between NIS 5 and NIS 100/week for allowance, but that also includes snack money for the older boys when they wait for the younger ones at music or sports.

Dagbjört said...

Good for you to make that change now. Your school sounds so fun and interesting and it's great to be able to find out what is best for each student. I got allowance when I was a kid, it would have been like 2 dollars then so I guess it would be like 5 dollars now :)

Lydia Price said...

I really like R&S English. I have used it for 4 of my kids. They break it down so well that even I can teach/learn it.
5 dollars here too. We do it for chores but they usually get it whether they did their chores or not. I know...

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