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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anna the Teacher

Today, Erika and Sarah had to go back to Scottish Rite for appointments.  Anna and Alli stayed home with daddy and I gave instruction for them to do certain subjects  while we were gone. 
Anna was a really great teacher! She helped Alli with her spelling and Language Arts and they both read and did history.  They finished before we got back, so Anna took it upon herself to give Miss Alli another Assignment!  Wow..... And the surprising thing is, Alli "played school" and did the extra assignment!
She had to interview daddy about how we met and got married.....  She then had to write a report on it. LOL
So here is the report... As far as the facts???  Ummm... not quite..... misinformation comes to mind. :)

"In 1984 dad became a christian.  The church was Calvary Chapel, Dallas. Mom and dad met together there. And they got to know each other from church and from sharing the gospel with utter other people. 
My brothers and mom  went out with our dad and played baseball and dad threw the ball to mom and mom hit the ball hard and it hit dad in the head and he was mad.  After everybody got to know each other well, my brothers got together  with mom and told mom "we want you to date Mr. Mike".  And mom said, "we do not date." 
Mom and dad knew each other less than six months before they got married in their house."

LOL.... and there you have it. Our lives according to Miss Alli!


Anonymous said...

What did she mean by the "we do not date" part? Do you believe in courtship? Just curious!:)

Christie M said...

That statement was true.
The boys did want me to date "Mr. Mike" and my reply was, "Mommy doesn't date."
As a mom to 4 boys, I didn't think it realistic to "date" somebody. I am more of a "courtship" type person...but in the real sense of seriousness.
And it is true that Mike said, "Then, let's not date, let's just get married. " and we did. :)

Privateer3000 said...

Endlich aber seid allesamt gleichgesinnt, mitleidig, brĂ¼derlich, barmherzig, freundlich.
Petrus 3.8.

Christie M said...

Amen und Amen! :)

JJ said...

Um... You never told me about hitting Mike. Hmmm, the things I learn from your children! Lol. ; )

Christie M said...

LOL.... He actually pitched the ball and I batted it right into his GUT! He then threw the ball to Joe, who was 7 at the time and it gave Joe a black eye! He then reported to his teacher that "Mom's "boyfriend" hit me in the eye! ROFL....
Yes, we were a mess!

Anonymous said...

As you noticed, I responded with my own story on my blog.

I'm surprised they got the story wrong; the real one is funnier. :)

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