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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Alli Update

 We are almost at 19 months. (October 2nd)
Alli is doing WONDERFULLY!   She is embracing school, family, and everything about life.  She is making up for LOST TIME! LOL

Her passions are art and animals.   Tonight we put out some "Live Animal Traps" for stray cats.  She was a little upset that we plan to send the stray cats we catch to animal control, but held it together VERY WELL!

This week, Mike and I had a serious prayer issue and told the girls we would not be eating.    I saw Alli's face INSTANTLY turn from happy to fearful.
I went over and asked her, "Are you afraid our prayer issue is about you staying or leaving?"  She said, yes.   TRAUMA!
That made me so VERY sad!  We both hugged her and said, "Sweetie, you are NOT going ANYWHERE! We LOVE YOU! You are here for good! No matter what! :)

She responded VERY well with a trusting heart once again. 
That reminded me of just how fragile she still is. :(

The great thing though is that she is responding WELL in general life!  I am truly amazed at the hard work she has done, and how GOD has worked in her life.
Mike and I were talking tonight about just that.  She has come SO FAR it is amazing!

When we started on this journey, we figured due to her extreme background, we would not see attachment for a LONG time.... But this little girl has exceeded that idea big time!
She is definitely a MINICH through and through. :) 
One of the newer things she is doing is going out to seek affection from her daddy. :)  His heart just grows 10 sizes when she comes to give him a hug or kiss or just sit with him.  I have seen her do this over and over, where before, she wouldn't accept any affection from him.

Today I spoke with our pastor, and in that conversation I told him it is hard to fathom and understand the backgrounds of our girls. They seem so surreal.... But they are VERY REAL.
Trauma HURTS.....
But the Lord can HEAL HEARTS!

I am so proud of our little girl.


Anonymous said...

She has got the most amazing complexion.All of your girls do. They are all gorgeous, both inside and out. I've followed you for quite a while and it amazes me at how well Alli is doing and how quickly she has adjusted and became a part of something. Thanks for giving her, and the other girls, something no one else was willing to!

Milena said...

It is wonderful to read about Alli's progress. It gives such hope. You are exactly the kind of parents she needs, wise and kind, with the experience, insight and knowledge it takes to parent a hurt child. I'm deeply impressed and I learn so much from what you share. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I am so happy for your family. Isn't it amazing to see God work healing miracles that are far beyond your expectations? Perfect love casts out fear. When you let God, with his perfect love, pour that love into you so you can pour it into your children, wonderful things happen.

travcat said...

This just warms my heart! What a wonderful girl she is and what wonderful parents you are!

Unknown said...

What I notice the most is her eyes and her smile.... her smile is more relaxed and not forced. Her eyes are relaxed and taking things in and seem more happy... hope that make sense.

lolamako said...

Long time lurker here :) SUch a random thing to comment on, but since I volunteer with a organization that funds TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) I thought I might share another option to euthanasia:

I'm not sure the area you are in, but there might be a group, like the one I volunteer for, that can help you. A controlled feral cat population can help keeps rodents under control. I hope you consider TNR in the future.

And thank you for sharing your life on your blog, I feel very drawn to adoption versus having my "own" and appreciate that you take the time to share your experiences.

Christie M said...

Thank you for commenting! We do the TNR with a few of them. But there were just too many this time!
I sent one to a friend. We have 2 that we keep around that are neutered males... and they are great mousers.
We feed them just enough to keep them around, and the rest they hunt for.:)

I didn't realize there was an organization that does this.... We are in the McKinney area of Texas.
I'm going to certainly look into this, because the cats come around all the time!

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