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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Can Anybody Say High Cholesterol??

UGH.... something new to worry about.
Doc wants me on a vegetarian diet.  Let's just say that I used to be and my cholesterol was fine.  I have been eating meat and eggs and now.... after 5 years not being a vegetarian, it is HIGH..... The ratio is within norm, but frankly, heart issues plagued my father until he died at MY AGE!  YIKES!

Soooo, here is to my new Gluten Free AND Vegetarian lifestyle.  Yippee.

I actually started making some changes about 2 weeks ago and have been juicing vegetables and drinking them for breakfast.  I guess I'll be doing MORE of that.
Started back with exercising again too.  Because of arthritis I just haven't felt like it for awhile, but honestly, once I got going and putting it into a routine, I feel better.

Hopefully, I can get this cholesterol level down to an acceptable level soon.


Emily Minich said...

Wow. That's too bad! I am sorry about that. But, I guess it's pretty fair to say that the SLOS gene didn't come from you!

Christie M said...

I wish I could donate some right to our little sweet Ilse! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise! Vegetarian diet is healthier and... well I am sure the animals like you alot more now! lol!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that a long walk every morning is the best thing to lower cholesterol, even better than meds (I've learned it with my mum she has HIGH cholesterol too). If i'm not wrong you purchased the dream of my life - a ginormous treadmill - a year or so ago...

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