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Friday, September 28, 2012


 ( I need to dice everything more carefully)

This is a recipe that would serve 2 people.  After eating at P.F. Changs last night, I was really interested in recreating the gluten free Lettuce Wraps.

I found a few recipes online that seemed to go in the right direction, and then I decided to give it a shot and recreate the taste from last night.....

My first try was DELICIOUS!  I think there are many things to do with this recipe.....and many ways to tweak it according to dietary needs.

So here is my "loose" not etched in stone Recipe. :)


2 chicken tenders diced into very fine pieces
1 green onion , including green part finely sliced
8 shitake mushrooms finely diced
water chestnuts finely diced ( I used about 15)
1 TLB of freshly minced garlic
1/4 tsp pepper  (still experimenting)
1/4 cup RICE WINE
1/4 cup GLUTEN FREE soy sauce... ( I used tamari) 
I think Braggs liquid aminos would work fine.
If you are soy free, I don't know.....

Put all ingredients into wok, and stir fry until done. (about 5 minutes0
Serve with lettuce leaves  (like tacos made of lettuce) :)
It will make about 8.....small wraps

Ideas I have flowing:
Add finely diced carrots, finely diced celery, MORE mushrooms and NO chicken for vegan,
more pepper and maybe some horse radish for spice......and possibly nuts. 

I know that PF Changs puts sugar in their recipe. I think the rice wine is sweet enough.

I made this tonight for Friday night movie night and didn't miss the old card board pizza that everybody else gets to eat. :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds yummy! Much better than cardboard pizza.
For soy free, you could use Coconut Aminos. That is what we use for a soy sauce substitute.

Annie said...

I may try something like this tonight. Embarrassed to say I have just a little bit of ground beef....but with lots of veggis....I do love lettuce wraps.

Christie M said...

A little bit of ground beef doesn't hurt.... it is having it all the time. :)

I had ground beef left over in the freezer. I think it is all gone now.

Christie M said...

Coconut Aminos... I need to try that!

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