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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nightshade Issue

Well, I have done REALLY well not having night shades.  I didn't have salsa at the restaurant the other day which was very hard.

I think I am such a FOODIE.  I like flavor and spice and HOT..... So I am having to really think about what sorts of spices to use that are safe.

The truth is that so far.... my pain has really diminished in the last 7 days.  I will KNOW if it is coincidence, IF, when the rain comes, my pain doesn't increase!
I am a true weather vane.

If it is true that I am actually allergic to night shades, I will not weep the loss of egg plant.  But the loss of peppers and tomatoes and potatoes will be a different story. :(  You know, it is one thing to give up coke.  It is quite another to not have staples..... like tomatoes, which are in everything!

So, I thank the Lord that we have FOOD!  I am thankful that I am finding answers to health issues that I have been plagued with.  And, I am thankful that I have the internet to find recipes for foods I CAN have, and to find alternative sources to SPICE! :)


Claire said...

For heat, ginger,wasabi and black pepper. I am allergic to red chilli.

Milena said...

Please - can you explain night shades? I just can't figure out what tomatoes and peppers and potatoes have in common, and google translate doesn't help me either. (And I can't find my good dictionary)

Milena said...

I'm happy that you have found a possible source to your pain and that you feel better! Pain is so difficult to live with and takes away so much joy. I remember this from my mother, thankfully not from my own experience.

Anonymous said...

It's not the same as spicy peppers, but have you tried Jane's Krazy Mixed up Salt? We use it on eggs, meat, and vegetables. It really adds flavor! We get it at our local grocery store, but that's in Michigan. I don't know if they sell it down there. :-)


Christie M said...


This is a good introductory article.

Milena said...

Thank you! Now I'll go educate myself. Isn't it fun how we learn new things everyday?!

Annie said...

Can you FATHOM why Tinka's photo is illustrating this post on FB? That creeps me out, somehow! So much for feeling anonymous.

Christie M said...

Annie, what photo?

Christie M said...

Annie, I just went to Facebook.... and looked up night shade issue..... NO I CANNOT FATHOM WHY!!! THAT IS TOTALLY CREEPY AND I'm REMOVING IT NOW..... that is SOOO WEIRD!
I have no photo for this post and would NEVER use another person's photo.

Annie said...

I KNOW you wouldn't! Of course I went to the post immediately to see what could be going on.... it makes no sense to me.

I am reconsidering my decision not to move to WordPress, though. It is weird how everything seems to be linked.

It was sort of amusing how it was a moderately appropriate photo, though - at least it was eating-related.

Christie M said...

That has me so creeped out! I think everything is too interrelated! You can't comment on a news article without them asking you to log into facebook.

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