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Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Surgery

Our sweet Sarah will be having surgery in December. We are trying to time it AFTER Thanksgiving and BEFORE Christmas. :) 
Her bone has grown so much it is causing her a LOT of pain and she has not been able to stay off of crutches. She plans her activities around crutches.  Soccer, then crutches, ice and advil.... Gymnastics, then crutches, ice and advil.  Poor Baby.

Soooo, after Xrays today, we could see clearly that her bones had grown so much in her amputated leg that they are trying to poke through the tissue and skin. :( 

She has had this surgery several times.  But surgery is never easy.
Can't wait for her to be running and playing pain free once again! :)
Love my sweetie.


Milena said...

I shall admit that I've never thought about that the bones continue to grow even when a limb is amputated. I can understand how it must be so painful because the bone has nowhere to go because of the skin :-( Does this mean that Sarah's amputated leg will always remain the same length and she will need a longer and longer prosthetic leg? (I'm sorry if the question is inappropriate) I so hope Sarah will soon be pain free again!

Christie M said...

Milena, your questions are just fine. :)
As she grows, both legs grow, and you are correct that the bones have nowhere to go. They call it "trimming". But it is painful.
Kids have to get legs frequently until they are fully grown.
Looking back at some of Sarah's old legs and Erika's old legs makes me smile. They were soooo tiny! :)

Jo's Corner said...

This is of interest to me, too. My amputation is below the knee. The incision goes from front to back, which I think?? is unusual. Anyways, I have NO cushioning at the end of my leg, just skin over bone. Obviously, I don't have the growing issues that Sarah has, but this makes it impossible to wear my prosthesis. Any thoughts on what could be done? Mayo Clinic is totally clueless, as far as amputations. And, the prosthetics lab guy just shakes his head. It is so sad and frustrating that it will be 5 years on Oct. 29th and I am still in a wheelchair. I've had ONE leg since my amputation. I walk really well when I wear it, which is only when I go to see them and they want to "watch me walk". I did insist on a different foot that would give me more ankle bending. Okay, you know what I mean?! The first foot was rigid and caused me to stumble on inclines. I have wondered about doing "skin stretching" and then a muscle/fat" flap. If you have any thoughts, please share.
I'll pray for Sarah's pain issues and for her upcoming surgery. <3 Jo

Christie M said...

Jo, I am so sorry for your troubles. :(
It seems to me that the bone should be far enough in side your leg and protected by soft tissue, so that when you stand, it does not feel like a pencil poking at the bottom.

I don't know who is in your area that could offer you advice, but I certainly would check out on the internet for orthopedists.

Maybe a bone trim is what is needed.

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