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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guess Who Has New Legs?? WHOOT!

 Early morning start. Erika worked on a thank you note for Dwight. (the guy who makes her legs)
 Walking into Texas Scottish Rite Hospital with her old legs...
 Trying on the new ones.

 A test stand...
 A test walk...

 I think she likes them!
ummm. This is Alli's interpretation of "The Statue of Liberty".... she is supposed to be putting dishes away. :)


Muddled Muse said...


As a story in "Mouse Tales" (Arnold Lobel) says:

"What nice new feet you have!!"

MariaG said...

This may seem like a silly question but I'm curious to know if Erika is taller now? How does she (the team) decide on how long to make her legs? Cute picture of Alli :-)
MariaG (Canada)

Christie M said...

Maria, that is a GREAT question...
She is about 5'1"... we have chosen to keep her the same height, as falling is really hard on her. We CAN make her as tall as we/she wants... but safety is an issue. They try to measure her upper leg and make her lower leg to match....
She is now the same height as Anna and Sarah... Alli is taller than all. :)
I think Alli is going to be the tallest in the family.

MariaG said...

Thanks for answering! It makes total sense to measure her upper leg and use that as a guide. 'Never thought of that, or the falling issue. I did notice on your ohter post in that lovely picture of Sara and Alli walking, that Alli is getting really tall! She's becoming a lovely young womas, as are all your daughters.

Annie said...

That is some shiny orange floor they have there!

At first I thought Ali was being a chicken (but it is TOTALLY Statue of Liberty, now that I look again.)

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