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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Black Friday Funny

Well.... It was funny for Erika and me. :)

I took the girls shopping this a.m. to look for a new ornament and get a few little things.  To our surprise, at 7:30 a.m. we encountered NO CROWDS!  It was just a really fun time.

Soooo, we were getting ready to check out at Hobby Lobby, but they each had to check out separately, as they didn't want each other to see what they were buying.  Erika was still making up her mind on her ornament, which was close to the front door where I could see the car.
Anna and Sarah headed out to the car to put packages away and then were going to come back in.  We have this code you can type in to unlock the car and trunk, which they did.
 While I was still in the store watching Erika pick out an ornament, I saw they were finished and so I decided to use my key pad to pop the trunk open as a joke. 
They were both a little surprised and Anna shut the trunk.    So I popped it again.  I saw her perplexed look and she shut it again while Sarah was watching.
I popped it again and they both cleaned the leaves out of the trunk and shut it again. Then Anna got into the car to wait and Sarah came in and said,
"Mama, there is something wrong with the trunk! It keeps opening!" 
"Oh really?"
"Yes, Anna is staying out there to watch our stuff!"
So I popped it again. :)
Anna patiently got out and shut it.  I waited for her to get back in and couldn't help myself.....
We were ready to leave. 
I did it again.... :) 
I couldn't believe how patient she was.

We all got out to the car.  She said, "Mama, I don't think we can go over to the mall because of the trunk, but if you want to, I'll wait in the car and watch the trunk."  What a sweet heart. :)
Then I felt kind of guilty and Erika could barely hold her laughter.

And then, I told them... it was me the whole time. 
I owed her a salad BIG TIME! :)  What a great sport!


Annie said...

How cute! Your girls are so patient!

Milena said...

What patience! And how sweet of her to offer to stay in the car to watch your belongings. Such a kind-hearted girl!

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