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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Funny and A Delight

I try to word requests in a question form instead of a command form.  99% of the time, I get compliance.  Last night.... no so.
I asked Miss Alli, "Honey, would you like to go get some firewood and bring it in?"
She said, "No, not really."  It was an honest answer. :)

She then said, "Mama, would you like to play "old fashioned"? 
She is fascinated with all old, including our oil lamps, antiques and 1800's history.
So I said, "Sure!"
I had to pretend to be a store keeper.  She needed to purchase 3 pieces of paper.  I charged her 6 cents.
Then, I asked her, "And what is your profession?"
She replied, "Oh Miss, I sell firewood!"
Oh, "May I purchase 6 sticks of firewood?"
She said, "Yes Maam! and Happily ran out to bring in the firewood!" LOL

This a.m.  I heard somebody putting away dishes from the dishwasher and putting what wouldn't fit in last night INTO the dishwasher.  I thought, WOW! Miss Alli is up early.  It is her week for dishes.
Instead, this is who I found doing all that work with a happy heart. :)

 Thank you Anna for your sweet servant's heart. :)


Milena said...

How very sweet of Anna!

I have to ask if Alli understood afterwards how she came to bring in the firewood despite not wanting to? :-)

Christie M said...

She didn't catch that she said no I don't want to and then happily brought it in ..... but she did say, it is fun to do chores when you are playing at the same time. :)

Christie M said...

She has been known to say things like, "Hey! Let's pretend we are sisters and that we are homeschooled! LOL
Her sisters say, OK! And then they put on long dresses and do their regular school work. She thinks this is very fun! LOL

Milena said...

That is just so sweet! And her sisters are sweet too, to play along and not point out to her what she does :-)

Claire said...

I read about how you gave to your food bank. I have just started a new job. Now I'm not overdrawn any more I'm going to donate to the local food bank. If I hadn't been living with my family I may have needed it. I'm going to find vegetarian meals to give them because they don't often have much of that.

Sherrie Coffey said...

I'm afraid my girls would always say "No, I really don't" -LOL! So cute how Alli ended up doing it:)

Aus said...

That's some good stuff - a "random act of kindness" from Anna - and the shopkeeper gig! We too try to phrase things as questions when we need something - but as child #4 reaches her "tweenage" years I've had to explain to her that "Sweetheart, when your Dad asks you something, please try to remember that it is really a "directive" - not a request!" ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Christie M said...

Aus, we have had to explain that too. When we pose things in a question, it is to be polite.....and it is polite to comply. :)

schnitzelbank said...

If Alli is super excited about history, you should see if you can get a copy or find video online of "Frontier House." It was a series on PBS a few years back, a really good look at the lifestyle and chores of that era!

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