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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Settling Differences

Tonight, there was discord.....  Sometimes,  it just happens.  Somebody doesn't want to be kind or forgiving. Somebody doesn't want to speak gracefully.... and before you know it.... there is sadness and disagreement! 
It is a GREAT time for we parents to step in and DISCIPLINE...... DISCIPLE!!!!!
 FRANKLY, I was abit surprised how smoothly we went from Thanksgiving to back to school!  And then.... tonight happened.
Alli and Sarah were spatting back and forth about a "LAUNDRY BASKET" of all things!
"Are you going to keep this in the room?"  "If I do, what does it matter! I can do it if I want!"


I called both of my girls and asked what in the world was going on!  They each had an explanation for their apparent "rightness".
It was time for me to tell them the truth.... YOU ARE BOTH WRONG!

I talked to them about how important SIBLING relationships are. They are the LONGEST LASTING relationships you will EVER have!  Even longer than Mom and Dad, because, well, we are OLD!
When we are gone, you will have each other!   And you need to LOVE EACH OTHER!
We talked a little about PMS and how NOT to indulge yourself into it!  And we talked about how we wanted to be treated. 
THEN.... We talked about how we could have solved the "Laundry Basket Dilemma!"
Sarah, "How could you have taken care of the extra basket in the room?"
 Alli, "How could you have responded differently?"

We need to be loving and forgiving!  And somebody needs to take the first step!!!!
If we are both stubborn.....we will live in sadness and misery! 
Somebody needs to take the step to say "I'm sorry! I was wrong! Or I was harsh!"
And then you need to make up!

And they did. :)  I just love my sweet girls. :)

"I am going to give you a consequence now."  "You are both sentenced to go in your room and play nicely together. You can do art, play with your cars, or a game."

They went to bed happily after having a wonderful time together. :)


Unknown said...

I love that your girls play with cars! And that they are so loving.

Muddled Muse said...

You know, I look back on the arguments I had with Kate growing up and the way our parents made us talk through our disagreements. We had to sit down and talk to each other about why we were upset (most times we had training on ways to present our side of the story in a way that was kind and communicative.) Then, after hearing both sides of the story, Dad would dispense justice and often lessons in why we should try to get along in the future.
I think one of the reasons that I have such a good marriage is because I was taught to communicate through disagreements. (It is okay to disagree and get angry sometimes. It is not okay to take your anger out on those you love.) If you are angry or frustrated, you have to be able to communicate the reasons why and come to a resolution. Arguments become a sort of problem-solving, rather than personal attacks. If there is something wrong that needs to be solved, we can work together to fix it.
I know that your discipleship will help your girlies in the future and that (if Ben is any indication) their future husbands (God willing) will be very thankful to have women who communicate in a gracious way. (Not that my communication is ALWAYS gracious...but we're all progressing in grace. :)

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