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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dentist.....

Erika and Alli had dental appointments yesterday afternoon.  I was really surprised that BOTH of them had 3 cavities!  They actually high fived each other for having the same amount! LOL

Erika's were tiny.... But Alli's were bigger and in a really odd place; behind her front tooth and the tooth next to it.  It was much larger and only in SIX MONTHS! Yikes!

So we did Erika's fillings yesterday, and brought Alli back today to do her fillings. 

When Alli first came home, she had 7 cavities filled.  Her teeth were a mess.  She insisted on having her teeth filled without novacaine.  She did really well having them do that... but I thought it odd that she would want to do it that way. I watched the entire process and she was a rock!

THIS TIME however..... she said, "I want to be numbed."  But... she is very afraid of needles.
She asked me to go back with her and sit with her which I did.  We have a great dentist that allows patients and parents to be real. :)

I could see her face full of fear when that needle showed up.  We had her watch a movie and she had little tears when the novacaine was administered.... and then the drilling started....

She had to have the procedure stopped a couple of times because she just wasn't numb enough.  FINALLY she was numb enough, but she needed mom to hold her hands.

I was analyzing this whole appointment and looking at the difference between the two drilling episodes.  The first time, when she had been home just 6 weeks, she was brave and independent; putting on a strong front.  THIS time, she was vulnerable and showing emotion, letting me know she was scared.  This was a MUCH more REAL experience than the one before.

I found it comforting to know that she is allowing herself the luxury of  feeling vulnerable; and to let others know she needs me too.  She was not faking being brave.  She instead was herself, and it was precious.  She hung onto my hands like there was no tomorrow! :)

I came home and told Mike about it and he had the same thoughts. She is HOME.... WAY HOME! :)

So, all those teeth are now filled and HOPEFULLY we will not have more cavities!  That is wishful thinking, I am sure! :) 
But the dentist visit was a confirmation of what has been a reality in our home for a while.  Miss Alli has had GREAT HEALING in her life.  She is settled and she is TRUSTING her mama and daddy. She is not afraid to show her real self.  And she is comforted by mom and dad. :)


Aus said...

I've just got to say that y'all are doing really great work with her - she's allowed to be afraid now - HOORAH - she knows she doesn't have to do it alone - that's bonding on steroids!

hugs - and a prayer answered - aus and co.

Sherrie Coffey said...


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