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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I took the girls yesterday to purchase some items for shoe boxes to be shipped to other countries. 
While I was there, somebody ran into us and said we should just shoppe at the "Dollar Tree" for items.
Now, I have shopped at that store ONE time, and ONE time only.  It is JUNK.  Sorry Dollar Tree, but the items we purchased were NOT WORTH the dollar we spent.

It got me to thinking about how we, who have MUCH, seem to think it is ok to give JUNK to those who have nothing. :(  And then I felt sad.

I want to teach my girls that orphans do not deserve JUNK. They deserve the BEST we have to offer them. All of my girls are former orphans.  I am sure they received a box like this at one time.
So when we bought jump ropes, we bought the best we could find.  We bought the best tooth paste and the best combs, so that those who receive them will not have a toy that falls apart in a day, or a comb that tangles in their hair.

Those who are less fortunate are not stupid. They know when something has value and when it is just somebody else's junk.  This goes for giving clothes away to Good Will or for other charities.  Don't give clothes away that you wouldn't wear on your own body!  Why would anybody think if they wouldn't wear it because of that huge stain, that somebody else would like to?

And when you give food to the food bank, why buy the good stuff for yourself and the cheap stuff for the food bank? Buy that beautiful can of peas in the silver wrapper and give it to the food bank. By the generic for yourself!  Give the BEST to those who are in need!

As you give to those less fortunate, it is just like you fed Christ, or clothed Him, or visited Him..... GIVE to those in need as if you are giving to Royalty.

We do plan to support an Angel from the Angel tree again this year.  And I will teach my girls to give from the heart and take great care to treat the recipient as if THEY were that person.


Anonymous said...
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Milena said...

I totally agree! Since the parcel is most likely the one single gift they'll receive, it has to be good and last long! I try to buy cheap where the quality is just as good, but the brand is less known. And then I buy the expensive stuff where it matters, such as crayons. Hard, dry crayons are awful!
Thank you for reminding me that I need to go shopping for stuff for our parcels! My children's schools participate in a similar program, although our Christmas gifts aren't packed in boxes but tightly packed parcels. I guess there may be a difference since ours will be sent by trucks and not by plane. Eastern Europe is not so far away from where we live, in fact closer than the most northern parts of our own country :-)

Dagbjört said...

So true. Here there is a project like this every year but it is only possible to send gifts to one country, Ukraine :) We have just finished our gift.

Since I have only been to USA once I have not been to Dollar Tree often but I went there. 95% is junk but I found some things there that were not, but none that I would send as a gift.

Manfred said...

I totally agree.
We have a similar action. It is called Christmas in a shoebox, organized by Malteser and the Catholic Church. You choose whether for a girl or a boy.
Then you pack small things and for about 10 euros. The content you write on the top of the carton and give it to a collection point. From there the boxes go on the trip to the orphanages in the region which is supported by the respective church.
It makes us each year again joy, and you learn that even small things can cause joy.
our schools and kindergartens pack these packages each year.

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