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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Erika's Fall, Mama's Worry

Mike asked if I could run some errands for him this afternoon which I LOVE to do. I like going for a little drive to pick up parts and just listen to the radio.

When I got home, to my SHOCK, I saw Erika LAYING by the large dumpster near the drive way.
She looked up at me and smiled.  Then I saw Alli and Mike fairly close by.....

He motioned for me to NOT get out of the car.  She was waving me by, like "Mom, I got this!"
I pulled up to Mike and rolled down the window.  He said, she fell and she wants to handle it all by herself.  I think we need to let her." 
I felt tears begin.... I HATE it, that things are so hard for her.  And she is such a good sport! For that I am so thankful.
She REALLY wants to do everything herself, and for the most part we let her....I mean, we did send her to Colorado to go Skiing... be still my heart!   But laying by the TRASH just hurt my heart!

So I waited in my car and Mike said, "Look in your rear view mirror"..... We both watched with Alli, as she GOT HERSELF UP!
She FIGURED OUT what to do and solved her problem by HERSELF!

We all shouted for joy and I honked the horn and waved!  

I still felt teary, but she didn't see it.  She saw me smile and wave and cheer her on, because that is what I'm supposed to do. 

But it still hurts.


JJ said...

My heart stopped when I read the title to this post. Please, NEVER EVER use the words "Erika" and "fall" in the same sentence... or at least not in the title, lol. Oh, my! Thank the Lord Erika has shorter prosthetics than a few years ago! It is definitely in Erika's character to get up on her own. I sure do love that girl of yours! :D

Christie M said...

Sorry to worry you JJ :)
I still haven't recuperated!

She and Anna have been invited to go shopping with some friends..... I gotta let them go. She'll be fine..... SHE'LL BE FINE!

Muddled Muse said...

Oh my gosh, I got a bit teary reading this! Good job Erika and Mom! :)

Annie said...

This was such a beautiful post. You are a heroic mama. I think in Soviet times there was an award, "Mama Geroi". I present it to you; there should be such an award and you'd win.

Christie M said...

Annie you are so kind. I really didn't feel like a good mama sitting there watching her struggle. Everything in me wanted to get out and run over there and pick her up.
But I knew it wasn't what was best.

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