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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Night.....

WE had a WONDERFUL time at our friend's house.   There were 7 couples that all met together for a very special evening.  
Normally, we invite one couple to our home and have a special dinner. But another of our friends, decided, let's do a bigger get together. :)

We played the "Odywed Game"..... the guys and gals separated and had to answer questions about our spouses and ourselves.
We also guessed how many years of marriage were between all 7 couples! 
And lastly, besides the wonderful dinner....

We danced the Virginia Reel!  Here is what the dance looks like.....

But we were older than all these kids. :)

The children were all at another couple's house having a Pizza Party and playing together.

When we were headed to pick up the girls, we saw what we THOUGHT was a burning plane in the sky! It was sooo odd, we pulled the car over expecting a plane to crash!  3 other couples stopped with us, and we couldn't quite figure out what we were seeing.

When we got home, we looked on the internet and read that a large asteroid had passed by and lit up the Texas/Oklahoma sky, but it was at 8:00, NOT 10:50!
THEN.... about an hour ago, we read that a meteor struck Russia, injuring several people!

What a night!
I am thinking we were seeing that meteor entering our air space.... It appeared to be hovering, but maybe it was just coming down.... and then across the sky it went!
Here is a link to what happened in Russia. 


Aus said...

I'm sure that's what you saw. Objects at great distance tracking laterally "appear" to be stationary for a long time - but can actually be moving at great speed. Why? Because in the sky you have no other objects by which your brain can process "relative size" - out brains have a huge cataloge of the approximate size of common objects - and we use the "perception of size change" to guage relative speed! All very understandable - and all things considered - Russia and the rest of the world dodged a serious hit!

hugs - aus and co.

Christie M said...

Thanks Aus....
One scientist we contacted said he thinks we saw something else. He suggest a Chinese Lantern?

Christie M said...

We checked out video of Chinese Lanterns, and considering that Chinese new year was a few days ago, we think it is entirely possible that is what we saw, except it must have gotten carried by a high wind up high because it took off FAST once it hit a certain area in the sky. The scientist told us that it was coincidence that what we saw at the time we saw it, coincided with the time Russia was hit by the meteor.
So, it was FUN... and I am so glad I don't have to process extraterrestial life being possible. LOL

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