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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Tender Teaching Moment With Alli

Today, Good Friday, we didn't have school, we didn't have soccer, and we tried our best to stay home and reflect on what today means.  We made Easter Eggs for Sunday, and listened to music reflecting on the death and Resurrection of our Lord. 
And inbetween those moments, was a tender teaching moment.

You see, even though it is a time to reflect, we still needed to get our chores done, and prepare for the Holiday.
Miss Alli, has been getting over poison ivy all week.  She is much better, but I went ahead and tried a different ointment to see if we could speed the process.  (BTW-SEA SALT works AMAZINGLY WELL on any plant dermatitis)
It was time for her to do the dishes, and she wasn't budging.  She told me she was "dizzy" from the smell of the ointment, which was quite mild.
She told me this as she stood in the kitchen balancing on one foot with her other leg bent under her like a stork....It is her favorite position to sort of "rest or stand" in . Oh how I wish I had a picture of her standing there on one foot claiming to be dizzy. :)  I actually find that position quite comfortable too. LOL
I do not like it when a child makes excuses.  I simply said, "I'm sorry, but it is time for dishes so we can get on with the day."
She stood there.  I could see she was digging in.  Oh how I didn't want this.

I cheerfully said,"when  you are finished with the dishes, we are going to decorate eggs!"
She said, "I'm not really interested!"
Hmmm.  I found her VERY interested last year.

So I began the egg dye preparation.  And cheerfully, we put on music and some of the girls came in to start dying the eggs, without Miss Alli.
I told her cheerfully, "If you change your mind, and get the dishes done, you can join in!"
And I let it go.

I threw up some prayers for her and for me, because inside I really wanted to FORCE things.
Instead, I felt the Lord wanting me to wait.  "Wait, be patient!"

She turned around and began to do the dishes. She finished them and then came over and said, "Mama, I know I really don't deserve to do the Easter Eggs, but I would really like to!"
I gave her a hug and said, " We'll, let's get some eggs dyed!"  "Here is your design wax, and here are the colors."
She had little tears and she asked, "Mama, Why did I do that? Why Am I so STUBBORN!"
You see, Miss Alli doesn't like it when she disobeys. She really doesn't.  But sometimes, her old nature pops out; sometimes mine does too.
I was so encouraged to hear her ask such a contemplative, revealing, question about herself.

I said, "For the very reason we are Celebrating Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  We are hopelessly lost in Sin. We rebel. We don't do what we know to be the right thing to do!  And even, when we are believer's we can fall back into sin.  We will not achieve perfection until we are in Heaven.  Until then, we are ALL flawed; me too. "

"God doesn't give us what we deserve. He gives us mercy and grace.  And just think..... Christ bore ALL of our sin on that cross so very long ago. He payed the price."

I think that was a very real lesson for our sweetie today.  I love it when the Gospel comes alive in those teaching moments.
She sincerely apologized, and the rest of our day has been one of celebration. She has had plenty of opportunity to obey things I have asked of her, and she has done it joyfully. :)
God is so patient with us.

She posed for a picture: )


Annie said...

What a great story. I'm w.ondering if her stubbornness was simply born out of a change in schedule. That sort of thing tends to do that to me.

I love your (and her) realization that she really didn't want to act that way

Christie M said...

Annie, I think that is quite possible. :) It is interesting that you can just see it written all over her that she doesn't like what she is doing. Old habits sometimes pop out, but sweet discussions come from them. :)

Chris said...

Glad you managed to hold your tongue...it's so hard to do! I usually mess up

MamaV said...

I stand around like a stork, too!

Muddled Muse said...

I'm so glad you had a good day making good memories.

The "Stork" pose is also a yoga pose called "Tree" - it's a very centering, balance pose. (One of my favorites) But with my short legs, I can never get my foot above my knee!

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