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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teaching Little Ones To WHISPER....

I wrote a post <---link: a couple of days ago about giving tools for behavior to our little ones.

Today, I wanted to write a post about teaching little ones to Whisper! 

Is it possible to teach little ones to whisper?  YES! IT IS! And it comes in VERY HANDY, especially when you have a "babbling baby" or toddler. It was a fun experience to see them catch on! :)

When babies are in the 7-10 month stage and beyond, they don't just make cooing noises, but start to really babble and practice sounds.  MAMAMAMAMAMA... DADADADADA, BABABABABA!
They can get loud and not know that they are being disruptive..... especially in a church situation.

If you enjoy keeping your little one in church with you, practice teaching your little one to happily babble in "whisper!"

When the boys were little, I used to sit them on my lap each day and when they would say, "Ma Ma Ma.."  I would repeat "ma, ma, ma" in a whisper voice.  They would repeat, I would repeat and then, magically, they would whisper.

We would practice it each day..... and guess what?  If we were in a situation where they needed to be quiet, I would whisper to them and they would whisper back!

We tried it in church and it worked! :)
It is really precious seeing them barely mouth the things they needed to say with a very quiet voice. :)

I loved that time with my boys. :)  Teaching them was a happy experience. :)

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