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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hamsters and Healing

I wrote about 2 weeks ago that Miss Alli was all upset about hamsters.  It was one of those times where she got very dysregulated when she was told no to having a hamster in the house. 
She has wanted a hamster for a while, but her upset 2 weeks ago was not really about hamsters.
You can read that post here. <----and then here.<----

I have nothing against hamsters, nor does Mike, but we didn't feel she was ready to care for one inside, AND.... her behaviors were also showing us that something else was going on.

One thing that we have always done is keep short accounts.<---  That means, we do not linger on or choose to remember all the wrongs a child does in the moment.  I'm glad that God forgives us and He too keeps short accounts. :)  When we are forgiven, he does not throw our sin back into our face!

Miss Alli apologized 2 weeks ago for her behaviors, and did not expect to get a hamster.  But daddy asked her, "Alli, why do you want a hamster?"  She told him all the reasons why, and he once again, let her know he did not believe she was ready for one inside the house. 
What he did ask her to do was to write a few paragraphs on "Russian Hamsters" and why she wants one. 
She did exactly that, and with much effort!   She learned all about caring for them, what they eat, what temperatures they can tolerate and more.

Yesterday, after church, Mike said to her, would you like to go with me to the store?  They came back with supplies to build a hamster cage that is well made, together!  I was pleased in my heart just watching the two of them work all afternoon on a very cool outdoor cage.

They are not quite finished. The door needs to have hinges put on and she needs to get a wheel.
She is being very patient.  No begging, no demanding.  But oh so excited that a Russian Hamster will be joining the family.  She will be paying for the hamster, food and supplies.  Papa provided for the cage and made sure it will be cat proof. :)

This was a very good lesson for her!  Two weeks ago was so different from this past week. 
We are rejoicing in her success. :)

(I didn't get pictures of them making the cage together. :/  But they worked so well together I was just enjoying watching now and then from the window.  From beginning to clean up, it was a joy to see.)


MamaV said...

It looks like a very nice hamster home! I am sure Alli will have very happy hamsters :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, its looks like a big and nice home for hamster. They did a great job! We got two Russian dwarf hamsters a week ago, and our kids loves them. For now we keep ours in 10 gal aquarium. We really love aquarium because less mess in the house. We put a think layer of bedding on the bottom of aquarium and they love to dig tunnels and play in it.

Sherrie Coffey said...

How funny, my girls want a chinese dwarf hamster since they saw one at a friends house! We are not ready for that yet but both girls are doing a much better job of keeping their rooms clean:)

Sherrie Coffey said...

Forgot to put - Good for Alli! She is showing good responsibility!

Aus said...

Looks great - all the better because of the effort put into making it!! And - most importantly - I share in your joy over the small things like learning patience!!

hugs - aus and co.

Gina said...

I get such joy from reading your blog. Thanks.

Annie said...

That's so very sweet. I love the way you and your husband work together so well.

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