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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wow What A Weekend! Part 1

We have had so much fun and our weekend isn't even over yet! :)

It was time to go to Austin, TX  to get Alli's post placement reports apostilled and sent off to the translator. This is her second the the last report due, and we are excited about that! Daddy took off work for Friday and Saturday which is quite unusual!  And we were off.

 Daddy and Alli snuggling....on the way

We also were told that her passport was ready at the Russian Consular's office in Houston, TX, so we decided to make a "weekend" trip of it.  In Houston, we stayed with our friends, the Days. :)

 We decided it would be fun to celebrate Sarah's birthday by taking the girls to the BEACH!

Yes! I said the BEACH!

Galevston Island is just an hour further South from Houston.  Some of our girls have never seen the ocean.  I am a California girl who feels land locked much of the time because the ocean is so far away!

OH MY GOODNESS we had a marvelous time.  Once again we stayed with our friends, the Days, who live in the Houston Area.  It is always an honor to see them.

So this is how our trip went:
We left at 4:30 a.m. and headed to Austin.  We got right into the State Department office and had our apostilles done in a few minutes!  We drove over to the Fed Ex office and mailed our post placement reports to the translator and celebrated our first job done!
Then, we headed to Houston.  It is a beautiful drive on a smaller road between Austin and Houston.
I had timed everything so we would get to the Russian Consular's office before Noon, as they take 2 hours for lunch and we didn't want to lose time.

We got stuck in some traffic due to an accident, and we arrived at the Consular's office at 11:56a.m.!
We were all laughing as Alli and I bolted from the car and ran inside to tell the guard we needed to go the counselor's office.
His reply:  "I'm sorry, they are gone!"

I said, "But we have 4 minutes before noon!"
He said, "No, they are gone for the day, apparently it is a Russian Holiday!"

I felt like a bolt of lightening struck me!

"Are you serious? What holiday?"
He said he didn't know.

We walked out and told our family that our triumph was in vein.... They were closed!

Oh the faces! LOL   And then, we decided that was not going to stop us from having a wonderful time.

We headed to our friend's house to spend the day and went swimming, visited and played games.
They are so special to us. :)

This a.m. was Sarah's birthday, and we left at around 8:30 a.m. and headed to Galveston Island where we went to the beach for the day.  I have never been to Galveston. It was lovely.  Oh my we have to do this again sometime!
The Salt Water, the waves, the sand.... all favorite childhood memories for me.  It was a different beach in a different state, but I was so happy to share the experience with all of the kids.
They loved it!
We swam in the Gulf of Mexico!  I was looking out at the ocean and thinking about the explorers of long ago that we studied a couple of years ago in History. :)
It was just so fun.  I even saw a fish jump out of the water right in front of me, and the girls enjoyed diving for hermit crabs. :)  We would hold them and let them relax and then they would come out of their shells to say hi. :)  And we'd put them back in the water. :)

Sarah picked a pizza place for her birthday lunch and it was really a great place.  I enjoyed a wonderful Greek salad! :)
The pizza looked wonderful!  (this was taken from the pizza place)
Daddy splurged and told the girls they could get whatever they wanted to drink, so instead of water, there were a couple of iced tea orders and soda orders. :)

This was our best trip ever.  All of the girls really enjoyed themselves the whole time!
We got home tonight at about 8:00 and Sarah picked a birthday movie.  "The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers".

Sarah sweetie! I cannot believe you are 14! :)  You are my precious baby girl.  I love you to the moon and back!

Here are some highlights of our weekend! :)
Sarah was shocked that Anna wanted to sunbathe. LOL    Sarah sees that as a waste of precious swimming time. :)


Erika took most of these photos. :)

Erika.... love her freckles.

Our 14 year old Sarah!

Mom and Dad.... aka Christie and Mike...
Raft rental.... :)

1 comment:

Annie said...

I don't know why it strikes me funny that you can get all the "conveniences" of Russia, right here in the US! Russia Day!

What a great trip - and terrific photos!

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