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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Header.... and more!

I made a new photo header for the blog tonight. This time I wanted to show pictures of when the girls came home and pictures that are recent.  They sure have grown up!!!!!

Being a mom is so fun, and full of adventure!  I remember taking each of those older photos and it just seems like yesterday! 

Our youngest son just turned 30, and that seemed like not so long ago too! :)

We have some fun news!  Our 3rd son Joseph, Rebecca, Sam, Truman and Felix are headed to Dallas!
They will be arriving in August, and Joseph will be starting his Doctoral Program at UTD!

We are very excited for them and for us!  I get Ya-Ya time!  I cannot wait to squeeze little cheeks and hold Felix for the first time. :)

I know it is going to be a big transition for them, as they have been in Maryland for the last 10 years!
But it will be awesome having 3 out of 4 of our guys close by!

Most of the cousins will be able to play together and grow up together!  SO FUN!

One of my blogger friends had some snarky remarks made to her in a comment.  I don't know why folks are so rude.  We have had our share too, but really.... it is so unnecessary!  I guess some people feel powerful behind anonymous rudeness.  :/

There are many adoptive parents who blog and share with others a part of their lives.  They share not for glory or attention, but for those who come behind, to pass on vital information and experience, and to share in the joy of life.  It IS joyful!  It is rich! It is full of new experience!   They share from their hearts and give of their time to educate and enrich others that they don't even know. None claim to be perfect or have all the answers.  But with an abundance of ideas and shared wisdom, maybe somebody else's life can be blessed!  I know I am blessed greatly! 

Thank you for reading!  I truly appreciate you! And feel free to drop a friendly line in the comments section!  We love hearing from you.


junglemama said...

Thanks. ;)

MamaV said...

Your girls are all lovely! I love the new header!

Unknown said...

Wow, I didn't realize Alli has grown so much!

Aus said...

Great new header - actually love it! And trolls - I really do hate them - you're right - some people just "love" power and I guess being rude makes them feel that way - meh....

Great that family will be moving closer - you really can't get enough of that!

hugs - happy 4th!

aus and co.

Anonymous said...

I love how your blog look is changed every now and then and yet retains certain un-changeables. Like the quotations right on top: love all five of them and I can't remind myself enough of the truth of those words :)

Many lives are blessed by blogs like yours. Mine certainly is! And I have to laugh at how I would never have found your blog had it not been for a google search for 'eggless pancakes' one day, lol. I don't even eat eggless pancakes!

Have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

(PS: Should clarify: the google search did not lead me here. It threw up a blog, which led me to another, and there were a series of anothers until I landed up here.


Annie said...

I hope I didn't say anything that seems rude. I didn't mean to, but sometimes I am just commenting like talking, and things come out wrong. I love the new header and am SO happy you'll have another son close by. You are so lucky that way.

Christie M said...

K- that is hilarious about the googling! :)
Annie, I don't think you have a rude bone in your body! LOL

Hevel- Alli has grown over 8 inches and 30 lbs in 2 years!

Designs by DD said...

I have grown "kids" but I find your blogs so encouraging. They give me ideas as I try deal with issues that are left from a stressful past.

I've also thought of your family in the past few days as we have made 3 trips to Murphy in the past month. All for fun things! :)

Brian said...

Hi Christie -

First time poster here but I consider you an old friend :)

I wonder if you are referring to a former FRUA friend's blog - the comment suggested the mom was "keeping score." Rude and cowardly. If she had a concern to share she could have put it differently.

Anyway... I hear you on how even christian radio stations can unwittingly encourage worldliness. It feels sad to see the dwindling of even christian media that is bathed in Bible truths.

Christie M said...

Hi Brian,
Yes it was...but I'd have to go back and look at the comments to see which one. It isn't hard to see snark though. :)

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