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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Scary Night

It was a very scary 7 hours! When there is nothing you can do but wait, waiting takes forever, and prayers come easy.
Yesterday in the late afternoon,  Mike was putting a water proof repellant on our boat cover. This was done outdoors with plenty of ventilation.
Alli was outside watching.  She  came in and got ready for our special time. I took some of the girls to "retro" movie night to see Jaws on the big screen. :) Mike took Erika for a daddy daughter date.
Half  way through the movie, , Alli said she was nauseated. I figured it was the popcorn and coke, so I told her not to eat any more.
She didn't say anything else. When the movie ended at around 9:45, we were leaving and she started to cough and said it hurt to breathe. By the time we got home, she was breathing rather shallow, and labored. I called Mike  who immediately came home with Erika.
He said he was having the same symptoms, but much milder.
We called our doctor (who does answer his phone after hours) and he said to take her to the ER.

Alli had HIGH ANXIETY about going to the ER and begged us to please not take her. We reassured her that she would be ok, and we'd go to one of those small places where you don't stay over night.
We decided to take her to the smaller, local ER that would be less stressful for her.  Thankfully nobody was there and we walked right in.

When they checked her vitals,  her heart beat was 198, and breathing was painful, yet was getting enough oxygen. (not blue at the mouth) just pain. Her respiration was rapid and shallow.
The docs immediately brought her heart down with medication, a sedative and IV fluids. She was a trooper! 

Erika came with us, as Alli responds very well to Erika's touch.
Alli knows that Erika has had a lot of medical procedures, so watching IV's started and seeing blood was not a stressor for her. She didn't leave her side, at all.  
The doctor and nurses told Erika that she did an awesome job keeping Alli calm. :)  We are so thankful for her doing that, while we were filling out paperwork.

After an hour trying to get her stable, and the x ray coming back for chemically induced pneumonia, the doctor told us he wanted to transfer her to Children's hospital by ambulance. He told us to expect her to possibly wind up in ICU.

That was a chilling statement.

Auto Pilot set in, and we reassured her once again that nobody would leave her side. I went in the ambulance and Mike and Erika went home with the other girls.
And then, miraculously, everything started to settle down at about 4: a.m.
The meds started to finally work and the sedative with pain killer helped her be able to breathe without panic.

To our surprise, at 5:00 a.m. the doctor came in and said, I think the worst is over and it has run it's course. You can stay the night tonight, or we can send you home with meds and bedrest.

We chose home!
Alli doesn't even remember coming home or how she got back into her bed. LOL  Meds at work. :)

They let her keep her gown and bracelet. :) And she has been wearing it all day and resting.
Sweet clingyness has ruled the day, and though very exhausted..... I am so thankful.

VERY BIG LESSON LEARNED.... just because a label doesn't mention a particular hazard, it doesn't mean it is safe.
The Toxicologist said she sees this all the time even with household chemicals for cleaning.
The pneumonia will go away, the memory will be there, and the bonding that happened because of some fluke accident will secure her even further as a Minich.


Kelly said...

So glad she is okay and love the opportunity for bonding.

Annie said...

I'm so relieved; you wrote that up so well that I realized I was holding my breath, reading it.

What a blessing her sister was!

Dawn said...

Yikes! SO glad all are ok!

Fatcat said...

I'm glad you were able to make the best of it, a bonding experience and I'm glad she's okay, but you officially have my sympathy as a fellow mom. That kind of stuff is hard, isn't it?

Chris said...

Wow! I usually figure good ventilation and you're OK...obviously not. Thank goodness for back-up (Erika).. that's teamwork

Anonymous said...

So glad she is ok. My thoughts are with her for a quick recovery.

Christie M said...

Thank you all for your sweet words of comfort!
Fatcat, YES! It is very hard.
Strangely, when the other girls have surgery, it has become so routine.
But when this happened, it was like there is nothing we could do, everything had to take it's course and it was hard hearing the words ICU.....
So glad that she turned around much quicker than expected!

. said...

Oh, oh my! My heart swells at the idea of Erika caring for Alli, and Alli being able to get through the potentially (very) traumatic experience. Prayers for your lovely family; hope they are on the mend as soon as possible.

Ivy said...

I am so glad that she is ok! poor girl! and yes, this will give her security because she has seen that even when a hard thing came you didn't toss her aside. AND you did what was best for her even though she didn't want it. And it worked! and it was safe! and that will build trust. :-) Gods hand was definitely on this.

MamaV said...

Is Erika going to be a nurse? It seems like maybe that would be a good job for her...

Sherrie Coffey said...

Wow! So glad she is ok! Zoe had pneumonia when she was about four and spent nine days in the hospital. It was the scariest time of our lives and so hard to see her in pain! Thanking God for His watchful eye over Alli!

Christie M said...

She has talked about being a nurse!
We will see. She is volunteering at the hospital for the summer and I'm sure she is a huge blessing there. :)

We are doing well today. I took Alli off of most of her prescription meds... as they were making her way too sleepy.
I 1/2d the dose. She isn't used to meds.

Soooo..... this experience though scary, was a good bonding experience...
So happy she is doing well!

Christie M said...

I agree! Good ventilation and you SHOULD be doing well!

We have a letter we are forming to the company of the product to inform them that the "no inhalation problem" is UNREAL! It put our girl in the hospital!

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