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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changes Are A Coming!

There is one thing for sure about life!  Change is a part of it!  I just look at our header and see the changes in the girls and it brings me great joy. :)

Soooo, what is about to change in our family? 

Well, for one.... Our son and daughter in law are moving back to Texas so he can begin his doctoral studies.  We are very excited about this change... and it appears Joe will be here this weekend and Becca and the boys will follow after a nice visit with her parents in San Francisco!

Three of the girls are starting high school this year, and one is starting Jr. High. 

Anna will be starting Public High School this year.  She is very interested in the R.O.T.C. program, and having a career in the military.  After much prayer and consideration, interviewing other parents who's children attend the school, soul searching, and wrestling over what is best for our sweetie,  we came to our decision. 
She was willing to abide by our final decision whether it would be to continue home education, or go to the school. 
We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for her as she gets used to being in such a different environment. 

Sarah and Alli will also be attending a Co-Op on Fridays where they will each take 3 classes.  They are excited about these new changes. 
Alli will be taking Texas History at the co- op which will free me from having to teach two separate histories. :)
Sarah will be taking writing, public speaking and American Literature.
Second Semester, they will be taking Multimedia Art. 

Erika was not interested in the Public High School OR the Co- Op.  She keeps herself quite busy and has so many other things she is already doing, including photography and guitar.

Anna is continuing with her Fencing Lessons and Alli will be taking TKD....at Co-Op, which she is very excited about.

I am excited about this new stage we are entering into.  Before we know it, they will be graduating .... it really does happen so quickly!

I never thought we'd be putting any of our children into school.... but here we are, doing exactly that! I pray that the Lord guides and protects our Anna as she goes off to school.  This will be her first experience in a school.  She even gets to take a school bus! 
She already knows a couple of sweet girls who will be attending also. 

Soooo!  Here's to all the changes about to come our way!

God is Good.


katiemacgregor said...

wow! you have some mighty brave girls under your roof!

i love how different each of them are. i love that you encourage & accept that.

Anonymous said...

I guess there are some goals for which an actual high school is part of the preparation.

I do wish I could send my 15 year old down there to take her spot in YOUR school. We will have little choice but send Miss Nastia to a school this year....I am not looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

If I've inadvertently posted twice forgive me; my computer dumped me mid-post.

Aus said...

Good morning - change - ain't it something! I see a lot of courage - including the courage to decide to bend your will to the will of your parents - and the courage of a parent to bend their will to that of their child!

And that leaves me completely impressed with the whole bunch of you guys - well done gang - well done!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for success for each of them in their places of learning. Each of ours has been educated differently, and for the longest time God had to work on my heart to believe there were other ways than what I thought was best. :) Still learning that my ways are not his ways...of course!

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