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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paper Dolls

They have spent hours cutting out and dressing up their dolls in period costumes.    I am really glad we were able to provide such a fun activity for them. :)
Honestly, it can get so quiet I wonder if anybody is home!  And sure enough, I can go onto the porch of into the bedroom and find them creating and cutting out, organizing and making up stories.
Such good healthy play!


MamaV said...

My sister and I used reams of paper on dolls and wardrobes. It is good fun indeed!

Nellie said...

As a little girl I loved my friends' paper dolls, but somehow my mom either didn't believe in the waste or didn't understand, because I never got any for myself....but one week the Sunday supplement had a story on Victorian weddings and somehow all the ladies and gentlemen were pictured in a way that made them perfect little "paper dolls" to cut out. Not to dress or anything, but to move around and make stories with. I played with those for YEARS. So, I saw some of the Dover books, and bought an Edwardian themed one. I could NOT give it to either of my girls. I just get into the Linen closet from time to time and look at it myself. (I did get them Little House on the Prairie ones, and American Girls ones, so it isn't as bad as you might think... I guess I just kept some for myself.

:)De said...

When I was about 8 yrs old I was playing in my mom's room while she folded laundry. I was cutting out paper dolls while kneeling on her bed. I accidentally cut out a dress and the bed spread in the shape of the dress! I was so sorry and my mom was very forgiving, but every time I am cutting for a project or something she teasingly ask if I need a bedspread. Paper dolls are great fun.

Christie M said...

De, that is hilarious! It reminds me of the movie Enchanted when she makes a dress from the drapes. LOL

Nellie.... that is funny.... I like paper dolls too! :)

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