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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Freezer Saga

                                     (All that was left was the rice and a brisket still on ice)

 Miss Alli wanted to make a pizza the other night. She had taken it out of the outside freezer and brought it in to ask.  I told her it was too late and she needed to put it back, and she could have a snack.
She did put it back.
BUT.... she didn't get the freezer closed all the way.
The result was rather disastrous.  All ice cream and popsicles that I had just purchased, were ruined. 
Pork roast, chicken, tenderloin, brisket, all thawed! and it was a slushy mess!

My first reaction when I saw the mess the next afternoon was, "Who left the freezer door open?" 
Then, I realized who had been in it the night before.....
So, I said, "Alli, last night when you put the pizza back in the freezer, the door didn't get shut and I want you to come with me and see the result."
She did.  And hung her head down.... "Mama, I am so sorry!"

If we step back about 8 years..... I seem to remember 2 little girls named Anna and Sarah who learned how to turn the freezer off!  They were playing and turned the knob.  Right before we were ready to leave for a church meeting I noticed liquid coming out of the freezer.  I thought it had broken.  We had a lot of frozen meat and veges, so Mike sent me to Home Depot to buy another one, so the food wouldn't be ruined.   We transferred everything to the new one, and then the next day, he looked at the old one and saw that ...... the little girlies had turned the other one OFF! :/
I asked them, (both were 6 years old)  "Did anybody turn that knob?" It was a knob I didn't even know existed!  And 2 sweeties said, "I did!" :)
"Let's not turn knobs like that anymore, ok?"  OK!
Mercy.... :)

Back to present day.....

I said to Miss Alli..... "Let's clean up the mess, and get the meat into the fridge." "We'll have a smoking party tomorrow!" and you can help me!"

She was still very ashamed. 
Was she irresponsible.... maybe.... maybe not.  Would it do any good to get mad?  No. What's done is done.
Would it help to ground her or punish her to make her remember to shut the door next time? 
No.... that would just bring more shame.

Instead, Mike and I talked and we decided to start using the LOCK on the freezer. You know that weird key you never use? We have had it on a hook for years.
So today, we locked the freezer.  Then we called our sweet Alli over and told her.... "This key goes to the freezer. This is how it is used.  If mama needs something from the freezer, it will by your job to get it by unlocking the freezer, getting it out and then locking the freezer back up." 
Do you think you can do that? "
She was beaming.... "YES!"

And so far.... so good! :)

(I did go ahead and get more ice cream and popsicles..... because I really wanted one. :) It is HOT!

Giving her that responsibility is good for her.... and I know she is going to take it seriously. 
In the mean time, she did a good job getting the freezer nice and clean.... AND we had a delicious pork tenderloin tonight for dinner. :)


MamaV said...

Oh man, that happened to my parents recently, and they caught it just in time to have a lot of meat that needed to be eaten. They gave a bunch of it to my sister and I (who are both married) and we were like "you should thaw your freezer more often ;-)"
They have since switched to a chest freezer. It's a lot harder to leave open. ;-)

Aus said...

Great couple posts here! We've eliminated a pantry (we had two!!) so that we could get more "usable space" in the laundry room - tough to do - but brought about a realization of how much excess we had!

As for the freezer and anger - oh thanks for "getting it"! We've walked that road too many times - even to the point of buying the popsicles that are in the plastic tubes (generally cheaper too) because they can be melted and refrozen!! ;)

hugs - thanks for "getting it" -

aus and co.

Muddled Muse said...

You know, coming immediately after your blog about God's provision... having the freezer dethaw might be a good opportunity for you to reorganize your provisions.

I'm glad you were able to save some things and have a good dinner. Manna in the wilderness, you know. *hugs*

Karen said...

My parents have an upright freezer and we always left the key in the lock and that became a habit...shut the door, turn the key. I have chest freezers because I'm pretty sure a key would "walk away" at this house. :-)

Christie M said...

Jean, That is exactly what I thought! It was God's way of getting me moving in the right direction! :)

Annie said...

As a little girl we used that key as a sort of latch. Turning it assures that the door is locked, without actually keeping it in a different place.

As MamaV's parents illustrate, even adults can THINK they shut the door without actually doing it. But, you used exemplary self-control not getting angry. So often we get angry even when we know better.

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