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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Communication is an art.  It is so very important that we effectively communicate what we are trying to say AND make sure that the person listening UNDERSTANDS!

Twice yesterday, I was misunderstood.

The first time, was at the grocery store with Mr.Sam.  After sitting in the car and going over every possible scenario for grocery store etiquette, we went in for our shopping trip.
The one thing I didn't count on was the fantasy factor. :)  Sam was in one of those little cars attached to the grocery cart, honking his horn happily. We were stopped looking at canned goods, when an older lady stood in front of our cart.  (Sam's Car)
That is when I heard "beep-beep", "Move out of the way lady!"  AHHHH!  I quickly said to Sam, sweetie, we don't say that to ladies, we say, "excuse me please".
And somehow, I made that lady irritated!  "Well, I see you can get your point across!"
I didn't mean she was in my way.  She wasn't.  I was trying to use that moment to help my grand son.

The next scenario happened at snack time in the early evening. The girls and I were all talking and the issue of guns and hunting came up.
We talked about whether is was necessary to kill an animal for food, the differences between modern days and when folks had to, etc.
So I said to Alli, I didn't think it would be good to shoot a gun unless somebody was shooting you!
You should have seen the look on her face.
I was puzzled as she said, "Well thanks mom!"
And in the last 2 years she has learned to not trust herself when it comes to understanding and misunderstanding.
Two years ago this would have sent her to the highest tree, or curled in her room!
This time, I was able to figure it out, because she helped.  "You think it would be good for me to be shot?"
I went back over what I said and realized, that actually can be taken two different ways!

So I explained, "OF COURSE NOT!"  I was talking about self defense such as in a war. I love you!
She got this funny grin on her face and we continued on with our conversation!

I think we have watched too many episodes of "Duck Dynasty!" :)


. said...

Oh, my, that second one is rather hilarious (especially given that she knew there was a second meaning that she wasn't processing!). Wow. I'm so glad Alli conveyed her misunderstanding and was able to figure out the meaning!

MamaV said...

Oh golly! Poor Alli! I am glad you got THAT one straightened out!

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