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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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“I pray because I can't help myself. I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God- it changes me.”
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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dances Tonight

Tonight Anna goes to the ROTC Ball and Sarah has her first High School Dance recital!
Now, they both have to be two different places at the same time! So well see what magic can be pulled off, since Mike is gone this afternoon working on the other house!

Here is a sneak peak of Anna's dress.  Erika designed it from a different dress she wore to the Homecoming dance. :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day Of School.... Like Public School!

 Alli was truly TERRIFIED to go to school.  She hated the idea 3 months ago.  Today, she got on that bus, so bravely!

 Anna and Sarah had a long wait for their bus! It was 20 minutes late, but got them to school on time
Erika started College today.  Wow. COLLEGE!  She is 16 and working REALLY HARD.
We are still home educating her in most subjects. :)

So.... Erika had a young man ask her for her phone number. She handled that one very well. :)
Sarah loves her classes.  Anna does too.
Sarah and Anna are in the same History Class. :)
Alli loved all of her classes too.  She came home with a big smile. She said she had a little bit of panic and did what we told her to do, just in case.  (breathe deeply and SLOWLY)  She said she added to it, "Mama loves me. Mama loves me. " :)
And then she was ok. :)

And what did I do today???  I prayed for my girls! I went to the bank for Mike. Erika and I studied some together and then she did her own studies.  I cleaned out the attic of all the old school work, and pared down our books.  I did 3 loads of laundry, and then took Erika to college.
In the evening after dinner, we had to get a few more school supplies including "jazz" shoes for Sarah because she is taking a dance class that requires ballet shoes (which she already has) and Jazz shoes.
And then....I sat down to write this.
What a full and BLESSED day!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over!

I cannot believe how quickly summer is going by! We start school on the 25th of August.
For 2 of our girls this year, this means Public School and then Erika will be taking a class at the college.
Times are a changin'!

We had a wonderful drive to go and get Lillian. She'll be going home in 8 days.  We will miss her. It has been really nice having her around. She is so funny and creative.

This week is VBS .  "Spy Academy" has been a hit around here with all the spy activity!
Saturday, Sarah will be celebrating her 15th birthday with a live "Clue" birthday party. Her birthday is in June, but this party took some planning!
Apparently, my role is to scream and die. LOL 
I think I can do that.  And then the clues begin!

We have made the decision to put Alli into Public School.  It was a long and hard, prayer filled decision. But we think it is what is best for her at this time.
She is not ready for high school, so she will be going into the 8th grade. I'm not thrilled putting her in Jr. High, at the same time I have a sense of peace about it that is unexplainable.
The school administration has been wonderful so far and we have a meeting planned for August 11 to discuss how best to meet her educational needs.
People...If you are reading this and are of child bearing age, please do not consume alcohol.  It is devastating on the developing brain. 
Both Anna and Alli have to wear School Uniforms. This posed a problem yesterday for Miss Alli, but she quickly recovered and said, "I'll be fine as long as I can wear boots." :)

The weather in Texas has been very "Un Texas" like.   Seriously, it is in the 70's outside right now. We are typically in the upper 90's - 100's.  We are ENJOYING IT while it lasts. I think we are supposed to thank Canada and Global warming. :)

I remember several years ago writing about changes in our family dynamic as girls were getting a little older.  Sarah had a really hard time because Anna and Erika didn't want to "play" anymore and she felt left out.  She still wanted to play with toys.  She wasn't ready for older girl stuff.
It seems it is Miss Alli's turn for that transition. 
She gets upset because everybody is using "electronic devices".  "They are just interested in their devices and not me!"   :)
"Nobody wants to play!"
Sarah has worked hard to make sure she spends time with Alli and Lillian. They go bike riding and play basket ball together.
Last night Anna took Sarah to the local church youth group meeting and they walked home. (part of the way)  I caught up with them and gave them a ride the rest of the way home. :)
I was out celebrating with our son Tim.  He is now going to be teaching at a local high school not too far from us!  He will be one of two teachers in the Special Ed department at the high school working specifically with Autistic kids. I think he is going to do an awesome job!

Sadly, we have not been able to go boating this year because of the drought. The lake is so far down, you can't get a boat in. :(

Overall, everybody is doing well. 
I am getting ready to post on my other blog about some ideas to make the school year go well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lilly Is Visiting

 Yea! We picked Lillian up on Saturday to stay for part of the summer!  She is getting so big! 10 years old now!

Today, she helped me make pop overs.  She also managed to bonk her head on the goat barn. Ouch!
Ice and Arnica. :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bun Confusion.... A Funny

LOL.... Sweetie "Mama, I need a bun shaper."
Mama"You do NOT need a bun shaper!"
Sweetie "why not"?
Mama "Sweetie you are fine!"
Sweetie gives me a puzzled look.....
Mama: "What is this bun shaper for?"
Sweetie: "My hair"! With puzzled look!
Mama: Relieved laughter.....
Sweetie: Don't tag me on facebook for that one!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Anna and Felix
 Anna has just 5 weeks of school left!  The rest of us have at least 8!

 Sisters enjoying each other's company..... my how they have grown!
Doing School Work

16 is right around the corner!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow the stone will be rolled away!  

We are looking forward to celebrating with family tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Freeway Chaos

Yes, this is my car.  It was clean when we left for the airport to pick up Becca's mom, who is staying in Texas for 2 weeks.

On the way back from the airport, late at night, I might add, we drove right into a construction area!
We were like lemmings jumping off a cliff.... one car after the other, and we got stuck in the group!

A large truck was in front of us about 5 cars up, and we could not see any signs.  The one lane apparently split into two. The truck went into the construction area, and so did everybody else!

The signs were awful. Once you saw it, it said, "Road Closed" but it was between where the lanes split and impossible to tell unless you had a clear view.

Things got worse from there. Some folks tried to turn around... ON A FWY and go the other way.
We stayed put and a very grouchy fellow with lights flashing seemed to need to remind us that "This is a Construction zone!"  Well duh!

He told us to wait.  At this point there were 3 cars in front of me, and about 10 behind me.
He then started to lead us through the area.  Down, down, down, into a VERY SCARY area with large trucks and heavy equipment digging and putting huge chunks of cement into the trucks.
All of the sudden, the guy 3 cars up stopped and turned around.  We say the truck do the same, so we started to do the same thinking it was a dead end.
Grouchy guy YELLS AT US.... STAY THERE! 
Apparently the nut in front of us decided not to follow the guy.

Finally, a really nice fellow drove up with a big smile and said, "I'm going to stop everybody and I'll come back to get you and lead you out of here. "
So we waited. He came back and did just that.
Another mile through some really rough areas and then he drove up under a construction area with a lot of cement overhead.  He waved his arm like, "common' it's ok" and we drove up and out of there. He told us to have a nice night!
And we were SO THANKFUL!
Man that was scary!
My son's mom in law thanked me for the adventure! LOL

Now I need to wash the car again.

Freeway Chaos

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tragedy Unfolding

There was a murder in our neighborhood.  It happened behind the high school that Anna attends.
The young man murdered, was an ROTC student that Anna knew well.

Sadly, we found out that the murderers were also students. One of them, was in ROTC and Anna knew him well, the other she didn't know well.

We have all been very saddened by this news.

Honestly, my gut instinct is to rip her from the school and bring her home.
I don't know if that is a wise idea.
At least not yet.

This is the SECOND time a child has been murdered by "friends" at the same school, in 2 years.

Something is VERY WRONG.

We feel safe in Wylie, and always have, yet such henious crimes have happened so close by!

The thing that disturbs me so much about this one is that the kids knew each other well.
It was PRE MEDITATED and these young men took this young man's life by strangling the life from him and then taping a sock in his mouth and cover his nose to make sure he was dead. :(

How can something like that be done so callously??  I just don't get it. :(

I met one of the young men. He seemed like a nice, normal kid. He helped Anna with her algebra at the beginning of the year and she borrowed his cell phone to call home after a foot ball game that they worked chains on.

I am so creeped out!

Please pray for our sweetie girl.  She is very sad for her friend that lost his life, and very confused about the ones who committed the crime.

She is doing well, considering the situation. 

I just hate sin.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The EPIC Ya Ya Failure!

So, last night I was supposed to baby sit for Joe and Becca so they could go to a dinner being held at the University where Joseph works.

I had it on my calendar and popping up on my computer to remind me every two hours.  Joe even CALLED me in the morning.  All was a go!

At around 4, I went with Mike to look at some wood that needed to be split.  After that, he suggested we go to Walmart to get a few things.  I happily went along with him, and it was in the middle of Walmart that I realized I had FORGOTTEN to babysit!

We rushed as quickly as we could out the door and he got me home. I jumped out and got on my cell phone to call them and say I 'd be there in 20 minutes.

Becca is so gracious.  She said not to worry, she was already back in PJ's and Joe had gone to the banquet alone.  :(

I felt like a HUGE JERK!

So we talked and I told her I was coming over anyway.  I brought her a Salted Carmel Bar from Starbucks and groveled some.

I stayed over and we talked and watched the boys play.  Baby started WALKING! He took his first steps and we were overjoyed. 
Then Truman was just so sweet.  He was snuggling with his mama and so happy she didn't leave.

"My mama is staying with me!"  :)

Same played with his legos and tried to sell me a picture he colored for 30 dollars! LOL
He did get a dollar....

We had a nice visit and when Joseph came home he was so gracious. 
His only question.... "Where were you at the moment you realized you had forgotten?"
So we could all laugh. :)

He then confessed to forgetting a good friend at the airport. LOL
All in all, it turned out to be a good night, and I owe them a night out.

Joe said that none of the other wives attended either, so all was well.

Oh man..... I was so relieved! 
Bad Ya Ya! Bad!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Test

The other day, Anna told me about getting a 90% on her geography test. She had no idea how that was possible. 
I wrote about it a few posts down.

Yesterday, she got her test back and saw clearly the grade was a mistake!
Today, on her own accord, she went in to her teacher's class early and showed him the mistake.
His response: "Why are you so freakin' honest?"

He gave her a 70%, which was generous. :)

I am so proud of her! 
A good character is WAY more important than a good grade!
You PASSED your Test Sweetie!!!! 100%!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ladies's Retreat

A Beautiful Weekend

 My feet are in the middle

 Here we are all together! What a fun night!

Anna's Grade

I went on a fantastic retreat over the weekend which I will blog about soon.  While I was there, Miss Anna texted me that she received a 90% on her Geography test.

The thing is, she was really afraid to take that test. She had studied, but didn't feel she had studied enough.   She thought she had failed it for sure.

When I got her text that she received a 90 I told her how awesome that was.
This a.m. when we were on our way to school, she opened up and said, "Mama, should I talk to my Geography teacher about my grade?"
I asked her, "Why?"
She said, "Because I really didn't deserve it.  Honestly, I only knew some of the questions and on the rest, I just guessed."

I am so proud of her.  She was being so genuine and honest.

I have never encountered this question.  I told her if she felt she should tell him, then go ahead and tell him, but she did give her best guesses, and that is what she is supposed to do if she isn't sure of an answer.

I'll be curious what her Geography teacher says if she does let him know that she guessed at a lot of test.  I think she just doesn't want him to think she studied harder than she did, or knew more than she did.
Proud of her.

Any thoughts on this?

She Couldn't Make Up Her Mind

Saturday, February 15, 2014

And They are Back!

 This cracked me up.... a Dog potty at the air port. :)
 One last group hug.
 What a great group of girls.
Our sweet friend Yuri! :)  Yuri is also from Ukraine and was adopted by good friends of ours. :)

You Are Still Holy