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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anna's Grade

I went on a fantastic retreat over the weekend which I will blog about soon.  While I was there, Miss Anna texted me that she received a 90% on her Geography test.

The thing is, she was really afraid to take that test. She had studied, but didn't feel she had studied enough.   She thought she had failed it for sure.

When I got her text that she received a 90 I told her how awesome that was.
This a.m. when we were on our way to school, she opened up and said, "Mama, should I talk to my Geography teacher about my grade?"
I asked her, "Why?"
She said, "Because I really didn't deserve it.  Honestly, I only knew some of the questions and on the rest, I just guessed."

I am so proud of her.  She was being so genuine and honest.

I have never encountered this question.  I told her if she felt she should tell him, then go ahead and tell him, but she did give her best guesses, and that is what she is supposed to do if she isn't sure of an answer.

I'll be curious what her Geography teacher says if she does let him know that she guessed at a lot of test.  I think she just doesn't want him to think she studied harder than she did, or knew more than she did.
Proud of her.

Any thoughts on this?


JJ said...

My concern would be that the teacher might misconstrue her intentions and see it as an attempt to convey that she cheated. The bottom line is that all of Anna's studying prepared her to succeed, regardless of how "lucky" she thinks she was. Just my thoughts as a former public school teacher. :)

Anonymous said...

This was so heartwarming to read :)

I can see where her concern is coming from, although sometimes, when we work hard (and most of the time hardworking people feel that they could have worked even harder), we prepare ourselves to receive success :) She feels it is an accident, but no such thing as accidents! :)

I do hope her teacher takes it in the right spirit.


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