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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The EPIC Ya Ya Failure!

So, last night I was supposed to baby sit for Joe and Becca so they could go to a dinner being held at the University where Joseph works.

I had it on my calendar and popping up on my computer to remind me every two hours.  Joe even CALLED me in the morning.  All was a go!

At around 4, I went with Mike to look at some wood that needed to be split.  After that, he suggested we go to Walmart to get a few things.  I happily went along with him, and it was in the middle of Walmart that I realized I had FORGOTTEN to babysit!

We rushed as quickly as we could out the door and he got me home. I jumped out and got on my cell phone to call them and say I 'd be there in 20 minutes.

Becca is so gracious.  She said not to worry, she was already back in PJ's and Joe had gone to the banquet alone.  :(

I felt like a HUGE JERK!

So we talked and I told her I was coming over anyway.  I brought her a Salted Carmel Bar from Starbucks and groveled some.

I stayed over and we talked and watched the boys play.  Baby started WALKING! He took his first steps and we were overjoyed. 
Then Truman was just so sweet.  He was snuggling with his mama and so happy she didn't leave.

"My mama is staying with me!"  :)

Same played with his legos and tried to sell me a picture he colored for 30 dollars! LOL
He did get a dollar....

We had a nice visit and when Joseph came home he was so gracious. 
His only question.... "Where were you at the moment you realized you had forgotten?"
So we could all laugh. :)

He then confessed to forgetting a good friend at the airport. LOL
All in all, it turned out to be a good night, and I owe them a night out.

Joe said that none of the other wives attended either, so all was well.

Oh man..... I was so relieved! 
Bad Ya Ya! Bad!

1 comment:

MariaG said...

All 's well that ends well【ツ】
I can imagine your horror, but 'sounds like it was a good night after all ... and your gracious son and daughter-in-law have another (more romantic) evening to look forward to!

... and this is perfect "teasing-material" for your family! LOL【ツ】

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