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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over!

I cannot believe how quickly summer is going by! We start school on the 25th of August.
For 2 of our girls this year, this means Public School and then Erika will be taking a class at the college.
Times are a changin'!

We had a wonderful drive to go and get Lillian. She'll be going home in 8 days.  We will miss her. It has been really nice having her around. She is so funny and creative.

This week is VBS .  "Spy Academy" has been a hit around here with all the spy activity!
Saturday, Sarah will be celebrating her 15th birthday with a live "Clue" birthday party. Her birthday is in June, but this party took some planning!
Apparently, my role is to scream and die. LOL 
I think I can do that.  And then the clues begin!

We have made the decision to put Alli into Public School.  It was a long and hard, prayer filled decision. But we think it is what is best for her at this time.
She is not ready for high school, so she will be going into the 8th grade. I'm not thrilled putting her in Jr. High, at the same time I have a sense of peace about it that is unexplainable.
The school administration has been wonderful so far and we have a meeting planned for August 11 to discuss how best to meet her educational needs.
People...If you are reading this and are of child bearing age, please do not consume alcohol.  It is devastating on the developing brain. 
Both Anna and Alli have to wear School Uniforms. This posed a problem yesterday for Miss Alli, but she quickly recovered and said, "I'll be fine as long as I can wear boots." :)

The weather in Texas has been very "Un Texas" like.   Seriously, it is in the 70's outside right now. We are typically in the upper 90's - 100's.  We are ENJOYING IT while it lasts. I think we are supposed to thank Canada and Global warming. :)

I remember several years ago writing about changes in our family dynamic as girls were getting a little older.  Sarah had a really hard time because Anna and Erika didn't want to "play" anymore and she felt left out.  She still wanted to play with toys.  She wasn't ready for older girl stuff.
It seems it is Miss Alli's turn for that transition. 
She gets upset because everybody is using "electronic devices".  "They are just interested in their devices and not me!"   :)
"Nobody wants to play!"
Sarah has worked hard to make sure she spends time with Alli and Lillian. They go bike riding and play basket ball together.
Last night Anna took Sarah to the local church youth group meeting and they walked home. (part of the way)  I caught up with them and gave them a ride the rest of the way home. :)
I was out celebrating with our son Tim.  He is now going to be teaching at a local high school not too far from us!  He will be one of two teachers in the Special Ed department at the high school working specifically with Autistic kids. I think he is going to do an awesome job!

Sadly, we have not been able to go boating this year because of the drought. The lake is so far down, you can't get a boat in. :(

Overall, everybody is doing well. 
I am getting ready to post on my other blog about some ideas to make the school year go well.

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