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Friday, February 15, 2019

2019! The First Post of the Year

Happy 2019!  Happy Day after Valentine's Day! 
This is my first post on this blog for the year.  I cannot believe how time has flown by!
We had such a lovely holiday time together, and continued with our normal traditions. :)

Erika and Sarah are in college and doing well.
However, Erika has had a couple of health set backs.
She is being treated for arthritis.  It is hard for her, as she is in pain, but what a tremendous fighter she is!  She is going to school and working also!  She is a Jr. in college.

Sarah is almost a Jr in college. She is working also, and is very excited about the possibility of her next college location.  That is to be announced when she makes her decision. :)

My newest texting buddy is my grandson Sam. He likes to do face time, and when he comes home from school will call and ask me "what should we talk about?"  Isn't that the sweetest thing?

Our little grand daughter Ilse is walking now! 

Our youngest grandson just turned 1 year old and we are about to have another grandson in May!
I am amazed at how life has changed since we started this blog in 2007.

I am now busy working in the shoppe with Mike.  We work pretty well together, and I love being able to get up early in the morning and read the Word with him. 

I started a Women's prayer group on Wednesday nights and it is going well.  What a blessing to meet weekly to pray with these precious ladies.

I am really proud of all of the kids and what they have accomplished.  Our oldest is now 40 FORTY.... and today is Tim's birthday.  Our youngest is 19 and she will be having a baby boy in May.

In transitioning from Full time home schooling mom to Full time wife and worker, I have been able to reflect on the seasons of my life.    The Lord has been so good to me. Each season is full of blessing and pain, but ALL has been for my good.  God does not allow us to go through these seasons without a blessing in disguise. 

I have been in contact with several of my blogging friends, and all of us are in new seasons of life.
It seems that adoptions are not as prevalent as before, and many places are completely shut down.
There are areas in Ukraine shut down also since Russia has reclaimed land.
I am so thankful for our children who are here. 

If you are interested in adoption, I would definitely look into the foster care system.  There are children here who need parents. One of our girls was adopted from the foster care system.
If you are not wanting to adopt yourself, but are interested in how to help, please consider helping a family financially and especially through prayer.

Don't forget that bringing a child home either by birth or adoption changes the complete dynamic of a family and they NEED to have us there to hold them up in prayer, send them cards, ask how they are doing, drop by a meal, offer to do laundry etc.  Adjustment takes time.

Moving forward in this year, we might start our support group back up.  We had stopped for a while because our Alli needed our full time attention.
She was our priority.

I pray that you all have a wonderful 2019!  Moving full steam ahead! :)


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for still blogging! Glad to hear all are still doing well.
I just found you again after years of not being able to read your blog (computer said it was a invite only-blog). I read you for during some of the worst years of my life and just wanted to let you know how instrumental your words were to healing my suffering heart. Thanks does not even begin to cover it. I am so grateful and still pray for your family.

Christie M said...

Hi Elizabeth!
What an encouragement you are! I did have the blog private for awhile as we worked through some delicate times, and I did not want to have too much exposed at that time.
The girls are all ok with the blog being public now.

It is always a balance of making sure we honor each other. :)

I do have another blog with many of the posts here transferred and also new posts.
It is www.parentingthatheals.org.

I actually LIKE the personal nature of our family blog. :)
And I do plan to continue it. :)

Brian said...

Hey Christie -

This is Melin. I thought of you today and was so genuinely surprised to see a fairly recent post.

Yes, indeed things have changed for all of us. Most good, some not so much.

But I guess that’s real life, isn’t it?

Imagine how surprised I was to read that both Ali and Sarah are mama’s! I believe you will be blessed by this as all of your intentional parenting will be evident in how they care for their little ones.

My daughter is well. She graduates from homeschooling this year. She will do a “gap” year where we plan to fortify her academics and she will likely take a community college class or two.

I agree with your suggestion that people consider adopting from this country as well as I agree that adopting from outside the country is totally worth it, too.

Christie M said...

((((Melin)))))! Lovely to hear from you.
That was Alli and Anna.... Sarah is in college. :)

The little baby boy is here and he is adorable! I was going to post as soon as Alli says yes.... :)
He is one month old now and his names is Sebastian. She is being an AWESOME mama. :)

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