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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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“I pray because I can't help myself. I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God- it changes me.”
― C. S. Lewis


I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Taking on January

 Well, real life after the Holidays has begun.  This morning Erika left to go back to college.
We will miss her being here with us every day, but she is doing what she is supposed to do!

 This is Truman sitting in an 85,000 dollar Tesla!

He was my shopping buddy.  Who would have thought there was a Tesla store in the mall??

Sarah is still home, but will be super busy with college and work.  I'm back to work in the office and it is just the beginning of the year and I'm already behind. UGH

We went through our closets and got out old clothing and shoes that we don't use and donated them.
I have more things to go through for donation. 

Anybody wanna guess what this is?

This nice big chunk of ginger is going to be used to fight arthritis!

Also, Erika and I are starting our exercise program.  I start swimming today.  I'll try to do 4 days a week and see if I can beat the old lady arthritis that is plaguing my body! 

I saw a meme recently that cracked me up.....and I can relate to.....

So, let's take on January! :)  We can do this!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Beginning the New Decade!

WE started our new decade with a beautiful visit from Donato's mama. :)  She is a true treasure.
We have met a few times now. Have you ever met somebody who is just a blessed treasure to you?
Somebody that you can identify with and connect in a spiritual way?  We have really enjoyed getting to know each other...
 This was at the pie party!
 Erika loves folks to braid her hair!  Photos we didn't get was when all us girls went out to lunch and to see "Little Women".....
 These two precious people!
 Duck lips.....
 I THINK I can do that too.   Maybe not. LOL
 More fun....
 Cooking fun!
 We spent last night playing Dominos and then Spades.. 

 A beautiful sunset!
I cleaned my room!  Yay!

The Decade

It is amazing the things we went through and experienced this past decade.  I can look back and see joy, trial, sorrow, sadness, triumph, and all through it, God's perfect Faithfulness!!!

At the end of 2010, we found out about a little girl who needed a home.  It had been 5 years since we adopted Erika, and everybody was on board to bring home another sister.  This time, we were prepared for the concept that she had been so very hurt, we would walk in with eyes wide open, and then, commit to loving this child.
ALL of us.

In early 2011, Alli came home at the age of 11.  We were her 3rd adoptive family.  Her 4th family total, including bio and not including the 2 year orphanage stay.

Both Erika and Sarah had surgery during the last decade and both of them went to camp, went on ski trips, graduated high school, grew into beautiful young women who love the Lord and have attended college.  Erika is now a senior in College and Sarah is almost a Jr.  Sarah plans to pursue a career for now in Real Estate.  Erika is still studying Psychology at the University.

Our son Chuck, has had a decade of change.  He moved his family to Colorado and his girls are so grown up.  Kate has lived in NM and also in Washington State where she was a bit of a lumberjack!
She is back in NM and enjoying being close to family.
Lilly is now in High School!  I can't believe it. She is a musician and artist.  I'm so proud of her!
Chuck is also working in medical supply and doing well at his job.

Our son Tim is now a high school teacher after graduating college and getting his teaching degree.
He had surgery this year around the same time as Erika... Same surgery, different hospital. :)
He and Emily had another one of our grands this decade, Ilse.  She is a precious gift to our family.

Our son Joseph moved back to Texas with his family and pursued his Doctorate Degree in World Studies at UTD.  He became a Dr. of Philosophy in World Studies last year and now teaches at a college and plans to move to Colorado later this year to pursue more teaching positions. He is also teaching online.  3 of 4 of Joseph's children were born in the last decade.

Our son Marcus graduated with his masters this decade and works as a CPA for Raytheon and we have been blessed with 2 more grands this decade in his family.  He is doing well.

Of course all of our daughters in love are doing well and pursuing being great moms.  Emily has been running a not for profit with Tim called Journey Fest for families with special needs children.
Rebecca is an accomplished hair dresser, Ivy is home educating her children.

Alli and Anna both became mothers this last decade and that brings us to 14 grand children.

This past decade had some of the biggest challenges of our lives.  All of our parents passed away.
That was quite hard.
Alli had deep struggles that she is recuperating from, and they were so severe, I was questioning if we would make it through.   But God was faithful.... and we did.  We have and we will continue to.

Anna left to go and pursue a different life.  While I'm terribly sad about her decisions, she is alive and breathing and I'm thankful for that.

The verse that best comes to mind for this decade is one that we have read and sung often.

Mike and I were able to have a couple of quick getaways this decade.  I have begun to help in the shoppe the last couple of years and pray this year will be even better!

We have had the honor of hosting the High School and college groups in our home over the last decade and I can say they are SO PRECIOUS to me!
We host the girls' friends often and we love each of them! 
They have many friends and I can see that this next decade is going to bring about much new change in our family and I trust it will be for the better!  :) The girls are growing up!

Our biggest thing this last decade on a positive note was taking Erika and Sarah to the Grand Canyon and to Albuquerque.  We had a BLAST!  It was so fun.

So we are starting our new year with new beginnings, NEW FLOORS and a positive outlook.
Who knows what the next decade will bring!  But I trust in Him who Knows already!
Micah 6:8.
"He has shown you, oh man! What is good and what the Lord requires of thee!  But to do justly. And to love mercy. And to walk humbly with your God."

You Are Still Holy